Tuesday, April 19, 2011

♥ T-Box Girl *Review*

 Tbox Girl : Molly Watson is a mom of three little boys, and an inventor on the side. She thought of the Tbox after years of trying to discreetly stash tampons into a floral box--so her husband would not have to view them. Now, with more boys in the house, the need for the Tbox is even greater. No more waddling, and her tampons have a safehouse.  Girls and Women are tired of announcing that it isour time of the month. We are tired of waddlingfrom the potty to the place where the tamponsare stashed. Then, all week, those uglytampon boxes are shouting from floors,toilet tops, sinks and towel racksthat Aunt Flo is in town.

Tbox saved my life! ..Okay so I'm being a little dramatic..But molly did save me from the waddle from the bathroom to the hallway closet..Yeah I know..Ick..But that's what happens when you forget to toss the tampons or pad's in the bathroom..And thus comes Tbox! this is going to make billions if not trillions of dollars! Every girl and woman should have one..or five of these on the side of her toilet. What is Tbox?..If you haven't figured that out by now Tbox is a "Tampon" box holder that suction cups on the side of your toilet..Sweet! You can cram up to 8 tampons of all sizes into Tbox! Or.. If you are not a "Tampon" kind of girl you can always cram 8 or more pads into it also..It works..I tried it! *Smiles*.. What's also great about Tbox is the attitude of Tbox..As seen in the picture ..Because I'm a "Cheetah" kind of girl Molly sent me the "Wild Side " Tbox but Tbox also has a few other designs such as.. Simply White, Pretty & Pink, Flower Power, and Black. All for the Price of $10.99 That's a bargin in my books! If you don't get yourself one then you are crazy! Tbox girl ..If you are wondering what the note is all about.. That's molly's little note for me..I love getting little messages from product owners. That show's how much they care. And that's what makes me go back again, and again to their website and buy their products. Thank you Molly! I loved my little note! ♥

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Tboxto try and give my honest opinion.

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