Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♥ G2 Organics *Review*

G2organics : Cherle Is a co-founder of G2 Organics and a successful business woman, entrepreneur and mother. Cherle has always pursued her dreams through entrepreneural business opportunities. In addition to starting several businesses throughout her adult life, she is currently the owner of Dog-Power, LLC a very successful internet pet product company. This company has been thriving for over 10 years and dovetails nicely with Cherle's love for animals. Cherle was also a print model for many years. Cherle also maintains a spiritual card reading practice and is a firm beliver in the Law Of Attraction. (Read More)

Cherie at G2organics was sweet enough to send me a review bundle. The bundle includes Nail polish, Nail polish remover, Candle/Skin moisturizer, And Breath of Fresh Air An All Natural Aromatherapy Treatment. their products are 95% Organic, Hand mixed, Recyclable Packaging, Odorless, and Reiki Charged.

G2organics Nail polish is Bright, Funky and sassy! Just like I love my nail polishes. I think I was sent 1st Kiss which is a dark, rosy pink. There is no label that I could see telling me what I got but I looked on their website which has a list of the colors Here. The nail polish paints on easy and doesn't chip off within the day but I did have to touch up within a week (That Happens).  A little information about G2organics No need for a Topcoat or a Base Coat, Recyclable Packing,  Reiki Charged, Non-Toxic, Odorless, 95% Organic, 3 Free - No DBP, No Toluene And Formaldehyde. I know what you are thinking.. What is Reiki Charged?..Reiki Charged is to spiritually enhanced to make you feel good and attract positive energy. Interesting..Right?..

G2organics "Odorless" Amazing! It truly is odorless I just my nose right up to the bottle and took a BIG whiff, I smelled a very faint smell. If you tried to do that with all the other nail polish removers you would be knocked on your ASS Butt. I could sniff G2organics nail polish remover all day (I Don't recomend this). It took my nail polish off with ease..I removed my old polish with it to try out the nail polish G2organics sent me to try out. It came off better then the walmart store bought and expensive stuff.  G2organics nail polish remover has lots of benefits such as : No Odor, kind to skin and is a "Feel good" product. Reiki-Charged (Theres that word again)  G2 Organics nail polish remover is spiritually enhanced to make you feel good and send positive energy into your life.  If you are sensitive to chemicals, if you're pregnant or have health issues G2 Organics is for you.

The candle, Candle/Body moisturizer is well.. AMAZING! I LOVE the smell it has a fresh coconut/bubble gum smell to it I couldn't wait to try it out..FYI..Wait until the wax cools just a tad big. (OUCH) .. but it was well worth the pain. The fragrance smelled the room like a tropical paradise, And made my dry elbows AHH! Refreshed. We are just comming from the DRY skin weather so our skin is still cursing us for the abuse we put it through. Bye Bye rough dry patches, Hello summer time skin! My skin feels like alligator hide in that kind of weather and it doesn't get any better until mid summer when I'm lathering myself in sunscreen that feels like butter. Ick. The candle wax rubbed on smooth and didn't feel sticky, rubbery, or oily. L.o.v.e it. ♥

Last but..Definitely not HA! least! Stuff nose? Pow! Runny Nose? BANG! Sniffles? Oooph! That stuff in a instant! This stuff is AAMMAAZINNG! The day I received this my nose was a little stuffy, I took a little teeny tiny sniff,sniff from this stuff and it almost knocked me on my tush! This stuff has some serious kick to it! I was bright eyed and perky for the rest of the day. They are not kidding when they called it "Breath of Fresh Air" it will get you up singing show tunes in no time. Breath of Fresh air is (Reiki Charged) Reiki in Japanese, means "Universal Life Energy"  To experience breath of fresh air simply open the decorative jar..The jar by the way..CUTE! ..but I will talk about that in a minute. to release the invigorating scents and being your aromatherapy. Breath of fresh air is a wonderful way to help calm allergy, flu and cold symptoms. Watch out nasty cold medicines! Breath of fresh air can also help relieve headaches and, if you are tired, awaken your senses and stimulate your mind...See what I mean when I was bright eyed and perky the rest of the day?.. The herbs and essential oils are a custom blend of botanical essential Oils with Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Red Thyme and Ravensara. If you have never had G2 Organics "Breath of Fresh Air" What are you waiting for?!.. Go to  G2 Organics buy some nail polish, odor free nail polish remover,  buy some Breath of Fresh Air or by a gift basket and give it to someone you love. You won't regret it! I Love, Love, Love product packaging that I can reuse, Boxes, Baskets, Jars, Ect.. The cute faux leather looking box with the cute striped ribbon it came with the box can be reused as a giftable box or used a miscellaneous box for jewelry or such.. and the jar is made from thick clear glass which I love .. it's sturdy so it won't break easy and its a cute little jar to keep stuff in. I'm a recycle junkie. I don't throw cute stuff away that I can reuse. If you don't you should think about keeping it..Stuff like that has a million and one uses.

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided G2 Orgaincs to try and give my honest opinion. 

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