♥ About Me

If you are a company and would like me to review a product(s) feel free to contact me at my e-mail address provided :

laced.kittens@gmail.com - Beckey DeVore.

I am able and willing to try out and review anything you wan't me to.

From the most simple like (Candy bars, Water, snacks)

To more moderate like (Perfume, body washes, nail polishes)

To the more extreme like (Panties/Bra's, Body Jewerly, personal "Bedroom" Products)

I love trying new products that I have never heard about to products i have been using my whole life. I think it's fun, And it let's my readers know about new products and companys. ♥

About ♥ Me : I am a fellow blogger that used to think blogging was a waste of time and well..Stupid.  One day i was bored and got tired of facebook and wanted a private area to rant on about anything i wanted to, Since it was MY blog and all. And then i decided to make a private little area to post freebies and rants, One thing came to another and here i am posting Reviews, Giveaways, Coupons And Ect. But i didn't want just any other blog, I wanted my blog to stand out from the rest. And i think i accomplished that pretty well. what do you think?.. As you have probably noticed I have been having ♥ lovely ♥ company's sending me their products to try out and give my honest opinion about their products. And i LOVE it! I get to try out products that i have never heard about and discover products that benifit me, while helping YOU discover new products and companys that benifit you also.