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♥ Youbar *Review*

YouBar : You Bar was launched in 2006 after the mother-son founders, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, began creating protein bars at home to meet their taste, health and allergy needs. They loved eating their unique bars so much that they thought there would be a huge market for protein bars made freshly to customers' own taste and nutritional needs. Anthony, who had just graduated from business school (and has always had an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit), said to his mom: "Let's launch a nutrition bar company," and she replied: "Yes, if we can customize them like the ones we make at home." And so, in a small commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, You Bar was born out of a basic concept-you are what you eat, so choose!® (Read More)

Joel at Youbar was sweet enough to send me a goodie box full of Youbar products.. I just want to start out by saying I would eat nothing but healthy if everything tasted this good! I have tried other products that are yummy, and some that are ..Less then likable. But even my husband was scarfing on some Youbars! He even commented that he would buy these for himself. Love it!

In my sample pack for my review I recived the following items (Shown in picture above)

∙ Low Glycemic Nutrition Bar

∙ Cookie Dough

∙ Almond Cherry

∙ Chocolate Trails

∙ The Best Trail Mix

∙ Breakfast Bar

∙ Berry nut

∙ Honey Cashew

∙ Chocolate Breakfast Shake Powder

∙ Vanilla Dream Shake Powder

∙ Low Glycemic Nutrition Bar : The bar smelled healthy when first opened, it has big chunks of fruit, it is crunchy, chewy, and pack full of nut's the bar is sweet and delicious. My husband and I both enjoyed this bar and would buy this.

∙ Cookie Dough : The bar smelled like bread dough,  it was nice and chewy, it also had a yummy cashew taste, it was salty and sweet. It was also packed full of nuts and flavor. This is something my Husband and I would buy.

∙ Almond Cherry : I absolutely LOVE cherries so I couldn't wait to try this one. The bar smelled like roasted almonds, it was packed full of almonds and cherries, it was chewy, salty, with a yummy almond taste and crunchy. We loved this one.

∙ Chocolate Trails : This is a really good trail mix perfect for on the go, at the office or as a snack for movie night. It has a delicious mix of chocolate coated raisins, chocolate chips, peanuts (Not a fan of peanuts) pretzels, walnuts and dried cherries. Other then the fact my husband and I are not peanut fans we loved it.

∙ The best trail mix : This is now my Husband and I's favorite trail mix! It is a heavenly mix of almonds, cashews, m&m's, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and dried blue berries, (YUMMY) when I get the chance this will be the first product of Youbar I will be buying. Everything in the best trail mix is what I have always looked for in a trail mix while at a store and never find all these ingredients. And now I have!

∙ Breakfast Bar : At first smell, a hint of dark chocolate, It is soft and chewy, the taste is a dark chocolate coco powder taste, It's good but not something (I) would personally buy.

∙ Berry Nut : This bar smells like sweet berries, It's pack full of dried cranberries, and stuffed full of nuts. The berries tasted like old fruit. Was not my favorite.

∙ Honey Cashew : When I first received the box I was excited to see Honey Cashew because I LOVE cashews.. The bar smells like roasted cashews, First appearance is a solid bar but once you chew it, it breaks into a powdery substance (Weird) It taste like cashews I has a nice crunch and chewiness but the powdery substance was not something I look forward to when eating a "Healthy" bar of anykind.

∙  Breakfast Shake : I have never made a shake before and it didn't have instructions on the back of the package so I was kinda clueless on making this.. I mixed the breakfast shake with some soy milk..It didn't turn out that well..

∙ Vanilla Dream Shake : Same with the Breakfast Shake, Never made a shake before and there was no instructions on the package so along with the Breakfast Shake I tried to mix them with soy milk.. I wouldn't suggest that.. They both turned out to be gritty and not that tasty.. I should probably have researched it a little bit more..

One thing that caught my eye about Youbar's website is the ability to (Create your own Youbar) .. That is something that I would be interested in when I prepare to buy my Youbars in the near future. You can create your own Youbar, and even design the Youbar package. This would be perfect for Birthdays, Baby showers, Graduations, And more! The possibilities are endless! You bars also have Gift Certificates, Gift boxes and they even have a bar of the month club! Youbar Gifts

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided aYoubar's to try and give my honest opinion.

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