Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♥ Streekers *Review*

Streekers : is true temporary hair color with a difference.  Instant. Liquid. Washes out when you want it out.  Not a mascara, not a crayon, not a paint. But a cool new hair color that uses innovative technology. In 8 vibrant colors: pink, blue, ultra violet, red, green, yellow, orange, purple.
Streekers is a stroke of genius at a moment’s notice. It’s so easy to apply with a sleek, sponge-tip applicator that ensures perfect coverage and control.  Streekers can be used over mousse, styling gel or wax and followed by hair spray. Best of all, you can brush your hair after Streekers dries. It won’t flake off (unlike other bright temporary hair colors). Your hair will be soft and the color will remain vibrant. (Read More)

Streekers! Streekers Every where ! ! ..Okay so you are probably thinking dirty .o0(Thoughts) Right?..Well stop it!..I said "StrEEkers", NOT "StrEAkers". Get your dirty mind out of the gutter. ☺ Streekers sent me over 2 of their lovely products Streekers wild weekend to review 1 was (Pink) I love you streekers! It's like they knew i was sending (Pink) vibes their way to send me a pink one. and the second was in (Blue) Of course I went straight for the pink one. (Gollum Voice) My precious!

I have super long and thick hair, And i didn't think The color would actually show on my hair let alone be able to apply it! Streekers proved me wrong! The instant i applied it i could tell a huge difference. My hair was blazing with hot pink! ♥ and it was easy to use.

The applicator looks like a lip gloss sponge. I was like there is no way this little applicator is going to color my thick long hair..But i tried it and I was impressed. Not only did it color my hair but it was on with ease. But don't worry this is temporary. No commitment, No Fuss, No Worries, Just a "Wild Weekend".

Bewarned! The streekers product does NOT include gloves. This is my hand after using Streekers to color my hair. If using this product be sure you have some kind of gloves on hand. The upside..At least you can see what the color looks like. ♥

This is my hand after 3 washes, And scrubbing with a hand towel. It's not as bad as it was, But i would still recomend gloves while using this product. I still love the streekers products with a hot pink hand or not. ♥

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Streekers Temporary hair color to try and give my honest opinion.

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