Thursday, June 2, 2011

♥ Feeling USA *Review*

Feeling USA : Feeling Lingerie is committed to high quality, affordability and superior customer service. For any questions or assistance in making and sexy apparel selections, please view our Customer Service area. We want lingerie shopping to be easy, convenient and fun.

I was blessed to be able to review one of Feeling USA's amazing products and i was also given the amazing opportunity to select what i wanted to try and review! naturally i went for the Plus Size Zebra print Bikini. $82.90 bathing suit because it is now summer time. and my bathing suit is a little out dated and i have been wanting to get a new one. so this came in perfect time for swimming, camping and all my other water recreations i am planning soon. Granted my body does NOT look like the models, but Feeling USA  has plus size bikini's that are fashion forward and amazingly made. Even tho i don't have this models body i feel on top of the world while wearing my zebra print bikini while in public. Because the fabric is so well made and the bikini has a great support top i feel comfortable wearing this.

The fabric of the bikini is super soft and is a more of a water proof material then most of the cloth bikini's that you see in the market. This makes for better swimming time as for running around and lounging wear. Unlike cloth bikini's after each swim you have to let it dry and that makes for less fun time. This bold print is sure to turn heads and is more of a playful summer time print. 

The shape of this bikini is a V neck halter, which is all i wear. I used to wear string tie bikini's but i realize that halter top bikini's hold their shape better is is better for big busted women like me. I'm a 40D and i feel more comfortable while wearing halters because it gives you better support in the bust area and it shapes larger women's body's better. The band below the bust ties around to the back along with the top straps.

Inside of the bikini top are medium thick pads that are built into the bikini top. This gives you more of a full figure bust, along with more support, and gives you more control and coverage while wet. I don't need more figure since I'm already a big busted woman but i found that I'm more comfortable while wearing padded bikini tops because it gives me even more support and lift. Wearing a 40D bra size i was unsure of what bikini size to get because Feeling USA has 2 bikini sizes (1X & 2X) I went for the 2X because of my bra size but was worried that it would be to big. When my bikini finally got here i hurried up and tried it on and it fit perfect!

I have worn the bikini several times and have gotten tons of compliments on how cute the bikini is and how good i look in it. Not having as much self confidence as i probably should have has really boosted my self confidence while wearing this Feeling USA bikini. Feeling USA really took an understanding to larger women's body's and created a perfect bikini for us. Not all women are petite with perfect body's. There are larger women struggling to find cute fashionable bikini's without spending a fortune. And i think Feeling USA compliments larger women in so many ways. Not only with amazing bikini's such as this one but with their regular size clothing and Lingerie. but PLUS SIZE clothing, and Lingerie. Feeling USA has a wide variety of amazing products that is for to suit any woman of any size and shape.

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Bikini to try and give my honest opinion. 

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