Monday, March 28, 2011

♥ PuffPac *Review*

PuffPac : The world's only Gift Stuffable Mylar Balloon

Specially manufactured so that anyone can wrap a gift inside a balloon WITHOUT A MACHINE

A puffPAC is a specially manufactured Mylar balloon, that was purposely left unsealed along one side. Gives you an opening big enough to insert a gift. Seal closed with a clothes iron set at medium heat (wont hurt the iron) and you can inflate them with a straw. You cannot see the gift inside the balloon. Stays inflated for weeks.

I received a few puff packs to review, Puff Pacs are a new way to celebrate and give the ones you love surprise presents. I wish I had discovered them years ago! It's a balloon and a gift bag all in 1! You simply open the side of the balloons flap put your present close the flap and iron the flap shut. A ordinary clothes iron will do the trick. just set it on medium heat, Do not hit the paint or it will melt the design! Inspect the seal looking for folds that
might let air escape. Insert a small straw into the self sealing valve. Insert the straw only 2" deep. Blow it up to the point where it is just a little soft in order to avoid popping.  and Wah-lah! You are ready to give your self made balloon present away. How cute and simple is that! With all the many designs and sizes PuffPac is available in, You are sure to find something that will fit any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary, Graduations and much more!. You can buy PuffPac here PuffPac Special 10 piece assortment pack only $14.00 Suggested retail is $33.95

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