Thursday, June 9, 2011

♥ iStyle *Review*

iStyle : iStyleoriginals is the essence of self expression in this new mobile social media world. It gives stars and regular folks like us a unique way to tell people a little something about ourselves.

Whether you rock, you party or are sweeter than candy, we have a shirt or accessory for you. Even little ones can tell the world they are cute or that they like to cuddle. How about doggies? Of course, our four legged canine friends can express themselves too!
I chose the iCandy. Tshirt from iStyle originals because i thought it was cute and flirty. iStyles has lots of iStyles to chose from. Women's, Men's, Children's even pets! A few of my favorite are  (Adults) iCandy. iTalk u Listen. (Pets) iPoop uScoop. (Children) iPotty. iCute. (Pillow Case's) iZzzz. iDream. What better way to express yourself then a Tshirt? face it expressive Tshirts have been a big hit for awhile now with funny graphic pictures and humorous sayings. Be one of the first to start a trend with a iStyle tshirt express yourself in everyday life. Be flirty with iCandy, Sassy with iTalk uListen, cute up your baby with iCute or iCuddle, or frisk your pup up with iPaw'd, iBark, or iGrrr. Your pooch and you will sure get plenty of laughs in the doggie park with matching Tshirts! the iStyle Tshirts are printed with Hanes Tagless Tshirts so they are 100% Cotton and are soft. I did the wash test, dryer test, and iron test and the iCandy print did not shred, tear, or fade. The Tshirt did great in the dryer (Which most hanes shirts do) and the Tshirt and print did great during the iron test (but don't recommend ironing the print itself) you should always iron around printed tshirts.
♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Tshirt to try and give my honest opinion. 

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