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♥ Mumoocie *Review*

Mumoocie : Mumoocie was invented by Moms who understand! One Charlotte, NC woman joined forces with two Orlando, FL women when an idea was sparked. The idea came when one of their children was losing sleep over fears of a monster under her bed. To keep her safe and protected they created a custom-formed pillow that provided her with companionship as she slept. She was finally able to sleep through the night and the monster seemed to move on to someone else's bedroom!

Determined to keep the work in the USA, they discovered a Conover, NC manufacturer who produced superior quality work.
Whether you're a child or an adult, losing sleep can negatively affect many areas of your waking life. Rather than trying to encourage sleep with medication or other ineffective sleeping aids, try Mumoocie once and solve your insomnia for good! (Read More) .


Patti at Mumoocie scent me the most amazing body pillow well.. EVER. She wanted to send me the Mumoocie to review, but I can already tell you the Mumoocie sells it's self. It's by far the greatest pillow/body pillow I have ever owned! .. and I have owned ALOT. I have back pain all the time. Rather it be "That time of the month" or because of my "upper" part of me is so big it makes my back hurt all the time. The mumoocie is heaven sent! I have been using it for some time now and I will never..go back to normal body pillow's that you buy at walmart. Ugh! yes, the mumoocie is not just for children (will get back to that) even adults will enjoy the Mumoocie! Rather it for back problems (like mine) men, who sleep abnormal, grandparents that need that extra support, tee hee.. Even animals! the dog would love to make the mumoocie their own!

Mumoocie is AMAZING for children who can't sleep in their own beds. The soft warm fabric reminds them of their parents. The mumoocie holds all kinds of scents amazingly, rather it be perfume, cologne, or regular ..mommy and daddy.. body scents. The minute the child snuggles up to the mumoocie and feels the warm embrace they will quickly fall into dream land. For the more harder sleepers, the mumoocie has a personalized voice recorder inside. You can record anything and everything that will make fussy baby fall to sleep. The mumoocie would be amazing for first time sleep overs, for the scared child who can't be away from home. One click of the recorder and all his/her fears will disappear.

I know this isn't the greatest picture ever.. But I wanted to give you an idea of the shape of the Mumoocie the cradle shape is perfect for any size person at any age and stage, Infant, baby, Child, Woman, and Man. The Mumoocie is created for everyone! you will be like me.. Why didn't I discover Mumoocie sooner!

The Mumoocie Design is fun, and inviting. The cute designs will welcome any one to snuggle and cuddle with it. Children will love the bright and creative colors, and the adults will just love it. The Mumoocie would make an amazing baby shower gift that will have everyone talking about it and the mother snuggling with it.

The mumoocie unzips farther but I wanted to show you the easy of unzipping the mumoocie. The removable mumoocie cover is so easy to remove and wash and just as easy to put back on, there is no tearing or hurting your hands or fingers.

I wanted to show you the back where the zipper meets, the soft lining is easy to cover the zipper so there is no ouchies and boo boos while cuddling the mumoocie. There are 2 kinds of mumoocie you can buy, the high quality memory foam Mumoocie, or the Fiber filled Mumoocie. You can buy them both HERE.

Here is the easy to apply voice recorder. You can record your voice saying anything you want to make your child feel safe and sound, it's easy to use and easy to apply in your mumoocie. it comes with instructions so there's no need to worry about how to do it. Easy peasy.. 1.2.3. The soft memory foam will make you sleep like you have never slept before. My promise.

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♥ I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Mumoocie to try and give my honest opinion(s). 

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