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♥ Sensual Olive *Review*

Sensual Olive :  I LOVE Olive Oil!! I mean, love, love, LOVE it! Before, I just liked it like normal foodies do. It was a good oil to cook with, had some health benefits, blah, blah, blah. Then I was forced to go to some olive oil tastings, which I laughed at the idea of. What did they think they produced, fine wines? I then tasted one, very nice….then another different variety, mmm, that’s really different… and then another and another, all with their own unique taste profiles. Some buttery, some peppery, some soft on the palate, some bright! It was fun! And the fragrances of those oils were just as different! I realized how little I knew about this ‘liquid gold’, as Homer dubbed it in the Odyssey. (Read More) .

I had the most amazing opportunity to review the Skinny Dipping Kit $49.99 $44.99 Each Kit contains (1) 250ml bottle of California Ascolana Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (1) 250ml bottle of Gourmet Blend Dipping Oil, (1) 250ml bottle of Aged & Imported Balsamic Vinegar, (1) Porcelain Dipping Bowl, (3) Pour Spouts, and (4) Sensual Olive branded Coasters.

I was amazed at how visually appealing this gift set is. I love the old fashioned theme and the colorfulness of it. This would make an amazing present for any occasion. I would light up If someone gave this to me and I unwrapped it. This set has a million and one uses. Such as date night, A small gathering with girlfriends, or a special party. This would make an amazing center piece on the table. and a nice healthy and amusing talk about piece at any function. You're guest will love the amusing graphics, and the tasty spread you have laid out for them. It will be the talk of the party. With 3 different Olive Oils you're guest will have a great time trying them all in different ways. Extra Virgin Olive Oil will delight the guest while munching on a nice crisp colorful salad with the tasty and hearty EVOO drizzled over it. They will have a blast soaking up the Gourmet Dipping Oil with crispy baguette for finger foods, and will go crazy over the Balsami8c Vinegar  grilled veggies, or give their taste buds a whole new twist with B&V fruit plates. The guest will never want to attend a party without Sensual Olive  again! ♥

The Sensual Olive packaging never ends! the back is fun and flirty and make you chuckle or 2. Three Steps To Sensual Entertaining. (Four, if you're lucky.)

• Use Sensual Olive Extra Virgin California Olive Oil to prepare flavorful meals.
• Use Sensual Olive California Gourmet Blend Dipping Oil in our Porcelain Dipping Bowl for incredible appetizers.
•Use Sensual Olive Aged & Imported Balsamic Vinegar as the perfect finishing touch.
•Take Sensual Olive Oil into the bedroom... and use your imagination.

Here is something else on the back that I got a little chuckle out of ..

• Five rules for Successful Sensual Olive Skinny Dipping.

(1) Don't Bogart the cool Porcelain Dipping Bowl. Pass it around and share the flavor.
(2) Don't ask someone Else's woman to pose like a Sensual Olive Girl.
(3) Don't ask guy to pose like a Sensual Olive Girl. Ever!
(4) Don't say, "Hey, I wonder how Sensual Olive Oil would work in the bedroom?" Let nature take its course, or take a hike.
(Don't try to get sensual with some off-brand, non California non-Ascolana olive oil, or you'll end up in bed alone. Again.

I found some very interesting things on the Sensual Olive website and am very interesting in trying this for future beauty tips. Have you ever used Olive Oil for beauty purposes? • Check out "Face Wash"

Our Favorite Olive Oil Concoctions

• Sensual Olive Sugar Scrub •

Fill a wide mouth jar with baker’s sugar (smaller sugar granules). Pour Sensual Olive oil into the sugar until it penetrates to the bottom, continuing until it is at the top of the sugar. If you like a scented scrub you can add rose essential oil which is non-irritating to the skin.

Before showering , rub the sugar scrub in gentle circles wherever you want smoother skin and then shower off! No need to soap off the oil, just towel off as usual and just the right amount of oil will be left!

***Cautionary note – Be very careful of the more slippery than usual surface in the tub or shower!

• Face “Wash” •

So simple – just massage your face, neck and décolletage with Sensual Olive for at least two minutes and then take a nice hot steamy washcloth and press it into your skin, allowing the steam to do the trick and then wipe off! Rinse your washcloth and repeat. That’s it! Remember, oil dissolves oil, so for those of you with oilier skin this is a great way to get through the oil on your skin and get truly clean and moisturized.
(Read More)
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