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♥ Emilys Teas *Review*

Emily's Tea's : French Teacher, Turned Entrepreneur

At a time when life expectancies have reached beyond what was once considered the norm, it is not unusual for those of the so called "baby boomer" generation to retire from one profession and launch another. This was certainly the case for Emily Murphy the founder of Emily's Teas who in June of 2004 left behind a successful teaching career to enter the very different and challenging business world. (Read More)

Emily was kind enough to send me a few samples of her delicious tea to try. I received the following flavor samples : Chocolate Lovers, Herbal Bouquet, Emily's Signature, And last but not least Tropical Green Blend.

Chocolate Lovers Tea:  A guilt-free blend of Ceylon tea with  chocolate flavoring and pink rosebuds. I have never had such fancy tea in my life and well..I love it! I have never heard of chocolate tea but this is now my favorite hot tea ever. I drink earl grey hot once in a great while. when I'm sick.. my body is running low on energy, or just to relax. If all tea tasted like chocolate lover I would drink hot tea every day! At first smell the tea smells like it has chocolate bits in side of the package! The tea bits are a good size not like the micro size tea bits that other tea company's pass off as (tea) you can really see what you are about to drink. The tea is packaged in a soft mesh bag which I love. I was able to squeeze out the remaining tea that the tea leafs soaked up and I didn't have hugs chunks of tea in my cup when I did. I did have a few little spots but nothing dramatic. you can taste a hint of chocolate in this hot tea. and My husband would really enjoy this since he is such a chocolate fanatic. The water turned a regular golden color like a regular tea would. this tea was not wasn't like I thought it would be. This is a delicious tea and I would recommend it to anyone.

Herbal Bouquet: (Caffeine-Free) Chamomile flowers, rosebuds, cornflowers,  and Orange peel. The Herbal Bouquet at first smells has a strong citrus flowery smell. The sash has beautiful bright reds, purples, greens and yellows from the flowers. I was terrified of trying this one because well..It has flowers in it Hahaha. I remember my grandmother, God rest her soul. Used to try to get me to drink her hot tea when I would go visit her when I was a kid. And I was willing until I seen her tea had flowers in it. I always thought she was strange for going in her yard and boiling flowers and drinking it. And I guess that still rest inside of me. I kept trying to talk my self out of it and then I was finally like you know what..Emily was sweet enough to send me her products suck it up and sip it! ..So I did. and I Loved it! WOW.. I can't believe I have been missing out on this almost all my life! It's really nice citrus taste to it. And yeah it has a slight flower taste but that only gives it a unique flavor. I love flower tea! If you have never had flower tea you NEED to buy Emilys Erbal Bouquet!

Emily's Signature: Black tea with oil of bergamot and hints of currant and caramel. At first smell..It reminds me of the old fashioned candies that looked like raspberry's..Know what I mean? I included a picture below. The water turned a darker brown then most teas. This tea is amazing! It has a natural sweetness to it. I could taste the hint of caramel and the taste of Bergamot in this. Yummy! Mmm..This would be great any time of the day. for company, relaxing or even cold winter night's you won't be disappointed in this flavoring of tea. It's sweet,but not overwhelming This isn't your every day grandmother's tea. I'm now a big fan of Emily's Signature.

Tropical Green Blend: Green tea with a hint of lemongrass, coconut and ginger. This green tea has big green and white sprigs of what looks like grass in the pouch. The water turned a light green color which I actually thought looked pretty cool. At first smell I could smell a slight hint of ginger. which is great! this tea has a slight of a green taste to it from the lemongrass. But it taste really good. I could taste the coconut from it because of the sweetness. I couldn't really taste the ginger but I could smell it in the cup. Which is actually relaxing. If you are wondering these teas are safe to drink with sugar, lemon, and honey. I tried each tea with each and then all of those ingredients after I tasted the teas alone for the review. They are great alone or with all of those ingredients. So don't be shy. I have never had such delicious teas..ever. I'm now a big fan of Emily's teas and will order more to try the different varieties available.

Each of Emily's Tea Blends are available in 10 sachet foil bags. Each bag makes 20 cups of tea and the cost is $7.95 per bag  Order Emily's Tea's 

Can't Decide? Why not order a sampler bag. Each sampler contains a small foil bag containing 4 sachets of each of three of the tea blends. That's a total of 24 cups of tea. You can get your's for only $8.95

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Emily's Tea to try and give my honest opinion. 

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