Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥ Anderson Pretzels

I recived 4 packs of HK Anderson  Pretzels in the mail the other day, which include (1 Peanutbutter Filled Nuggets bag, 1 salty stix bag , 1 honey wheat braided stix bag , and 1 pretzel balls bag) I love anderson's pretzels I have not been eating them for every long but I'm already addicted, I have found them at my local super-walmart, and I have also found them at my local dollar tree for $1.00! they are by far the best pretzels i have tried from a supermarket they are crunchy and full of flavor they are a great any time snack, or a side serving at a superbowl party that will easily please anybody and their taste buds.

I'm not much of a peanutbutter fan but the peanutbutter filled nuggets was not that bad, My husband inhaled it as it was going out of style. the sweetness of the peanutbutter with the crunchy saltyness of the pretzel will please any picky eater including me.

I loved the prezel stix. The super thin sticks was easy for me to chew, My jaw slips out of place easy while sleeping or chewing food and pretzels is one of the foods that i have hard time chewing but i was able to satisfy my prezel craving because they were so thin.

 The honey wheat braided stix was my dream come true when it came to flavor. The braided sweet yummyness made me want to eat another bag by myself. The only down side to them was they were thick and that goes back to my jaw being messed up so i had to nibble on them slowly. But i enjoyed every bite of those tasty sweet pretzels.

The pretzel balls were not only Yummy but fun to play with! Kids would enjoy tossing them in the air to see if they can catch them in their mouths but little kids would be able to grab onto them and eat them with ease. They were a little bit more salty then the previous ones but they were enjoyable.