Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥ Christi Harris Eyebrow Kit *Review*

I'm sure as most of you already know of Christi Harris's Products. Come on at least 98% of my female readers have either heard of her products or have wanted to try her products .

I was given the amazing opportunity to try the Christi Harris's Precision Brow Planing System. I have over plucked since i was a tween, and at almost 28 years old my eyebrows have seen well, Better days! They are thin, with missing hair patches, and the ends of where i tried to grow them out are bushy and i can't get them to do anything but to be ..Bushy!

I was in Awe when i pulled this brightly colored box out of my brown UPS box, The box with its brightly colored yellows and soft mellow whites was very eye catching! the design reminds me of an antique Paris keepsake box.

I loved that the eyebrow kit came with tons of colors and tones that would best fit my eyebrows. The only thing i didn't like was the middle compact color had a plastic covering and the one on the left and right was left exposed.

The color duo's have cute writing on top that tells you what each of them are for.

When i opened the box the first thing i saw was that yellow and black blade on the bottom, I won't lie. I was afraid of it.

I have used it since i got it and like that it gives me a clean close shave, But i'm still afraid of it.

The tools were bright colored which i thought was very appealing. I hate boring makeup tools! And they are easy to use.


- Before Photo : As you can see my eyebrows are discolored, Bushy, no arch And uneven.


- After Photo : Here you can tell a big difference, They are the same color, They are even, and the bushyness on the ends are even with the rest of my eyebrow, and theres an arch. Theres a huge difference. The kit was easy to use and the instruction booklet that came with it was easy to use, Even tho it was alittle akward trying to use it the first time, But the more i used it the easier it got.  I will continue to use this product and I will recomend it to anyone.

I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a eyebrow kit to try and give my honest opinion.  ♥

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