Sunday, April 29, 2012

♥ Bioken Enfanti *Review and Giveaway*

Bioken Enfanti : Bioken believes that6 all things begin with nature, and thus all things must return to nature. When investigating thinning hair and scalp damage, it also became apparent that all things can be healed by nature. Bioken's purpose : Bioken brings essences of nature (BIO) that promote beautiful healthy hair and scalp from a secluded and intimate place (KEN). Nature's therapeutic powers and modern innovative technology have created our cutting-edge remedy for thinning hair. Beginning at the roots, Bioken achieves your desires of healthy, youthful and beautiful hair. (Read More)  .

I received the Shampoo and Conditioner from the all hair types Enfanti Line, Which includes a giveaway for one lucky reader of mine thanks to Kelly! I was really excited to try a new hair line product since I have already used so many in the past, I was already up for a new test product. My hair is long, goes down to my butt long, it's wavy/curly, is super thick and and some what dry through the shaft and oily at the crown. I have problamatic hair and is difficult to take care of with just one or 2 products. I'm always having to use at least 5 products weekly to keep it looking healthy not break. I have been using these products for a little while now and I can say that I love them. Past shampoo's make my hair moisturized while it's foamed in my hair until I was the product out and it's instant dry to the touch, and then I would have to use what feels like half a bottle of conditioner to be able to brush my hair.

The Bioken Enfanti was amazing. I didn't have the harsh feeling of dryness in my hair after I washed the shampoo out. It was moisturized soft, and I was able to rub a towl through my hair without my hair feeling like it was going to fall out. I didn't have to use half as much conditioner with the Bioken Enfanti and my hair was silky smooth and flexable and smelled great! my hair smelled like fresh lemons, but was not over whelming. My husband was walking behind me one day and there was a breeze and I heard him take a big sniff and he say's "Your hair smells good". I smiled and said to myself ..Thank you Bioken! I was able to easily brush and even comb my hair while it was wet after using these products. I'm always getting compliments on how pretty my hair is while in public. I'm always having people feel my hair and say how much they wish they had it. Another thing I love about these products is the shampoo is Sulfate Free, has Nano Color Protection, and has No Alcohol. The conditioner is an Intense Reconstructor, has Nano Color Protection, and has Natural Volume and Shine. They both Protects hair color, Helps prevent hair loss, Repairs past damage, and other amazing stuff.

Here is a picture of my LONG and THICK hair. I have been growing my hair for many years now and I try to take the best care of my hair as possible, now thanks to Bioken Enfanti I now can say that I do. I Kelly, at Bioken and I will be giving away the same products that I personaly reivewed in the giveaway tab! How excited are you?.. I know I am!

Bioken has an amazing assortment of products, which will you be trying?..

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♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Bioken Enfanti to try and give my honest opinion. 

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