Tuesday, May 10, 2011

♥ Photaclar *Review*

 Photacular  : Photacular lets you create fun, unique products from your photographs with safe, secure, 24/7 online access. Our range of great products includes T-shirts, mugs, coasters, jewelry, holiday ornaments, ceramic tiles, and more — all custom-made and printed right here in the USA. (Read More)

Photacular gives YOU the opportunity to choose the design of T-shirt you want! for the price of 14.95 you can design the front or back of your t-shirt that's more than half of what it would cost you to go into a store and buy a pre-styled T-shirt and you don't get to choose the design. I went for the 2 koi fish and lotus blossoms. I have a obsession over those 2 things so that's what I went for. The design is of a tattoo I have wanted to get but now I get to wear it on my shirt and not my skin. Designing my Tee was super easy, I was able to choose my design, choose how big or small I wanted it, where I wanted it, and if I wanted the design to be in front or in the back. The process was done within minutes. The hard part was choosing the design I wanted. You can literly choose any design you want. you can opt for your own style, design a tee shirt of your loved ones or even your beloved pet. The design on my tee shirt was bold and crisp. The design was perfectly placed, no bubbles peels or any damage what so ever. like other clothing reviews I have I did the washer/dryer/Iron test and the shirt went up and beyond what I expected! It came out of the washer perfect and looked better then before. Photacular has other custom gifts other than Tshirts such as sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, earrings, ornaments, and pet tags! all at amazing prices! You can go to the state fair and buy the same things but they would cost you an arm and a leg but at Photacular  you can have it how you want it, when you want it at  amazing prices!

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a t-shirt to try and give my honest opinion. 

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