Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♥ LampLust *Review*

LampLust : “Our Passion is lighting". We strive to provide our customers with the most unique blend of contemporary and unique lighting products. LampLust.com was launched in 2002 by two extremely creative artists with a simple objective: offer a selection of lighting which exude the highest standards of passion and creativity. Our standards are also pretty clear and simple; the lights must be exquisite in their design and simplicity, strong in their construction and magical in the atmosphere that they provide. For five years we offered a limited selection and our customers kept on demanding more variety. In February 2007 LampLust started undergoing a transformation from a small boutique to the most hip and creative lighting store on the internet. We expanded our categories and we are always looking for unique and creative products. (Read More)

I was sent the Battery Operated White Scented 3x3 Candle With Timer from LampLust You can find it here : Scented Timer Candle It's made by Candle Impressions, one of LampLust's top manufacturers.  LampLust has AMAZING candles such as the one I recived, to floor lamps, Rechargable tea lights, plug-in candles, holiday canles even outdoor candles! They have everything you need, want or even don't need but want it anyways The possabilities are endless! Check them out! I love this company's name ..LampLust..Lamp..Lust..LAMP...Lust! I could say the name for hours. Such a great name! Special Thanks to : Aron and Everyone who made this review posssible! ♥

This amazing flameless scented candle has 3 settings. Off -On- Timer. Timer Position : 5 hours On, 19 Hours Off, Cycle Repeats daily. The candle takes 2 x AA 1.5v batteries just every day batteries no searching around the world for unique batteries when they are avaliable at your local walmart, Dollar general, or Target. When I first received my box I could smell vanilla through the box! I knew right then it was my candle that I have been impatiently waiting for! When I opened the box and smelled the vanilla sent through the bubble wrap I got even more excited I could not wait to try this out! I was like a little girl in a candy store.

This little sassy flameless candle is made from "REAL" scented candle wax! How cool is that! real wax with a real vanilla scent, The scent fills the room so theres no dramatic mess with hot candle wax sticking to your dresser, side tables, or bathroom sink or tub. I have made tons of messes because I'm clumbsy and knock things over and the last time I knocked a hour lit candle across the wall and it splashed all the way down the wall down past the entertainment system, down into the carpet and into the extension cord ports! What a MESS! UGH! I'm sure I'm not the only one right?..

The candle is tunneled to look like a real burned candle inside is a black fake wick. The tunnel is smooth there's no globs, or bubbles. It's almost hard to remember that this is a fake candle. I keep wanting to light it up.

How lovely is that? This is what the candle looks like with no light, It looks exactly like a lighted candle, The glow surrounds the area with a soft whips of light, Nothing heavy, and nothing to light, Perfect for a romantic evening dinner by candle light or a late night bubble bath to relive stress and calm nerves.  
This is the look of the candle from the top, Looks exactly like a flickering real candle without the harsh smell after blowing it out. I hate the smell of the room after blowing out a hot burning candle, It ends up making the room stink and the black marks it leaves on the candles afterwards. I could get hours apon hours of enjoyment from this candle since it runs on batteries and not wax that will eventualy burn out. You can buy your own Here. For only $9.99 No Fuss-No burning smells- No Mess!

You can find LampLust on facebook here: LampLust

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Candle to try and give my honest opinion. 

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