Saturday, March 19, 2011

♥ Queasy Pops/Drops *Review*

Three Lollies "Casual name, great product!" It's a good thing that we have a sense of humor! Yes, many people believe that our products named "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" could not possibly come from a serious background. Believe it or not, "Preggie Pops" & "Queasy Pops" were conceived and developed by health care professionals! In our line of work, we are daily witnesses to how debilitating nausea can be. We also came to realize that not every nausea remedy works for every person or situation, and that many people would prefer not to take a prescription if they can avoid it. We found that a lot of our patients wanted something "natural".  (Read More)

I was given the chance to try Three Lollies Queasy pops. It came just in time too! The day after receiving these I was sick to my stomach from stress, I unwraped one of these bright colored lollies and licked on it for just a minute or two and I felt a huge difference. I felt better and my sweet tooth went away! Queasy pops is all natural, Drug Free, And recommended by healthcare professionals. The box comes with 7 Yummy lollipops. Who knew medicine could taste so good! Perfect for women, men and children

These bright colored lollis and drops are perfect for home use or on the go, at school or work. My stomach stays upset for 3-4 days a week from stress and these are perfect, They taste just like flavored candy, Your children and even Husband! will be asking for these yummy drops and lollipops! The assorted colors are flavor coated, The flavors of these queasy drops and pops are : Lollipos ( Pppermint, Cinnamon, Sour Lemon, Papaya, Ginger, Sour Rasperry, and Green Tea With Lemon) The drops come in the flavor of  Green tea with Lemon, Ginger, Banana, Sour Raspberry, And Cola) As of other things that suposed to make you feel better including stuff that makes you feel better AND taste good I was a little shy of trying these but these babys work!

Three Lollies  have other varieties such as (Preggie Pops (Variety), Organic Preggie Pop Drops, Preggie Pops (Sour Fruit) Even Queasy Pop Kids! And Smoking Sucks! Three Lollis will sure to have something that you would be intrested in!

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