Thursday, March 31, 2011

♥ Pms *Review*

PMS Poker Wear : PMS PokerWear, a cool shirts website dedicated to poker t shirts for women. PMS PokerWear was born in December, 2007 over a few bottles of wine one Sunday night. Bored with what was on TV, we decided to surf the internet and check out some funny shirts at our favorite t shirts poker store and realized something was missing – a website featuring fun t shirts for women poker players. Over a few more bottles of wine, we started coming up with some very funny shirt ideas and realized we were on to something big, so we decided to launch into this new venture and the rest they say is “herstory”… PMS was born! (Read More) .

If you love playing poker..This is a shirt for you. Robin from Pms PokerWear sent me a cute Pms pokerwear V neck T-shirt in chocolate brown, The shirt is soft and as soon as I got it I threw it in the washer, When the load was done I took it out of the washer and it was as good as new. There was no pill, fade, or shrinkage of the shirt, The graphics that are a beautiful hot pink as shown in the picture had no tear, pill, or fade to the color either. I love this shirt, I can wear it as a night shirt, pool side, or to go to the store in, It's soft enough to wear anywhere and feel comfortable in. Would go great with a pair of jean shorts or even jeans. First thing I noticed was the cute hot pink design, As you all should know by now is that I love anything pink..And the cute design of this shirt is just too cute, With this pink heart design in the middle that says PMS with a pink peace sign and dealer on the other side, and it also has the website name (Which I don't mind at all promoting such a wonderful company) They have more cute T-shirts available for you to buy here: PMS products  there are tons of other PMS shirts that I would love to review. They are so cute and great quality.

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Misty said...

you have some sexxxxxy poker boobies! :)

Laced Kittens said...

LOL! You nut.