Tuesday, May 10, 2011

♥ Dry Cleaners Secret *Review*

Dry Cleaners Secret : WOOLITE® Dry Cleaner's Secret® cleaning cloths help

to freshen your clothing and remove small spots at a fraction of the cost of professional dry cleaning.

I received the Dry Cleaners Secret Wrinkle releaser plus (Dry cleaners secret) and Pro Wash (Active wear Detergent) to try and review.
I have used a sample of the Dry Cleaners Secret  wrinkle releaser before and let me just tell you It's amazing! I hate laundry day for one reason.."wrinkles" it's something that I just HATE. I hate spending hours doing laundry and then having to go back and get the wrinkles out..I usually throw the clothes back into the dryer after getting the clothes moist, but doing that takes away all the smelly good fabric softener and detergent smell. Ugh! then I got a sample from Dry Cleaners Secret before and It was like the heaven shined down on me. No more frustration of those mean wrinkles. I love spending extra time on my husbands works clothes because he work in a office for most of his day and I want him to look and smell nice and wrinkle free. Thanks to Dry Cleaners Secret  I can get that accomplished without that extra hour of frustration that comes along with that. wrinkle releaser plus is super easy to use. 1. Place garment on hanger or flat surface and spray from 6-8 inches away. 2. smooth away wrinkles with your hand. 3. hang until dry or tumble in dryer for 2 minutes for quick drying.  Easy right?.. Wrinkle releaser plus is safe on all fabrics, great for home, office, dorm or travel. you can use wrinkle releaser plus with a iron or streamer instead of starch.
I have never used pro wash (active wear detergent) until this review..and I love it. Me being an active worker, I exercise, and my husband and I  love the outdoors such as fishing, our clothes often get a little stinky, bloody, and dirty. I have used ERA for a few years now and I have to admit I hate change. But I went ahead and gave this a try because I have been looking for a detergent that focuses on more active clothing soil's. And Pro wash clearly is my new active detergent for such active clothing periods. The first thing I noticed was my husbands dirty grime smeared work pants was clean with ought any stains. He climbs on semi's to take pictures of large parts so sometimes he gets a little down and dirty and his greasy pants prove it. I usually have spray and wash his pants down over night and sometimes again just to get a little bit out because the stuff is hard core when sticking to his jeans. But just one wash with pro was I seen a huge difference. The second thing I noticed was the smell. I usually like his clothes smelling like flowers but this was a nice fragrance change. He even liked it. Yay! one thing I hate about alot of detergents is the amount you have to use per wash. I used 2 cups of pro wash (pro wash comes with a measuring cup) when I usually have to use 3 or 4 for his work clothes alone! pro wash is 2x concentrate so that helps alot. you can use pro wash to pre-treat, as a booster or a regular detergent to remove sweat, filth or other nasty things you incounter.
♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Dry Cleaners Secret  to try and give my honest opinion. 

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