Sunday, May 1, 2011

♥ BRoTHErs-ALL-NaTuraL *Review*

Brothers All Natural  : The brothers Matt and Travis Betters, capitalized on the U.S. trend of freeze-dried fruit in cereals and coupled that with consumers' food concerns like portion size, calorie count and desire for healthy choices to create their own line of freeze-dried products that would revolutionize the snack market.

Brothers-All-Natural sources fresh fruit from around the world and freeze-dry it into thin and flavorful chip-like "crisps". As for their potato crisp, it took the brothers four years of experimenting, trial and error to come up with what they believe is the perfect potato chip. (Read More)

I received the variety pack from Brothers-All-Natural. These are the most amazing healthy fruit snacks I have EVER had in my life! The fruit is Freeze Dried, Not dehydrated. I have never had Freeze Dried foods of any kind until I received these. And they were worth the wait! I have recently been on a diet and exercising like crazy trying to lose some "Bulk" and I love eating fruit but sometimes when you are on the go fruit doesn't always work out as planned. These amazing freeze dried fruits that was sealed in portable packaging was a life saver. I threw one or two in my purse and was on the go. Yummy foods are everywhere, and when you are on a diet it's almost impossible to not cheat on a diet! It was really easy to stick to my diet with Brothers all naturals in my purse.  Each packaged fruit was delicious! you have choices like Banana, Peach, Strawberry, Pineapple, Fuji Apples, Asian Pears, and Strawberry banana's. But my husband And my favorite was the Apple Cinnamon! Oh that was the best! It had the yummy Apples with the powdered cinnamon..Yummy! these are perfect for anyone for any age group. they are portable, delicious, and healthy. brothers all natural.
♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Crisp to try and give my honest opinion.  

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