Thursday, June 23, 2011

♥ Hot Trimmer *Review*

Fun Love:  Shanna at Fun Love is given me another amazing opportunity to review another Fascinations product from Fun Love's website. I was thrilled the first time when i reviewed the product Angel Food Cake : Kissable Body Spray *Review* and this time i had the chance to review Jennas Hot Trimmer! The regular Price: $24.99 YOU can now buy the Hot Trimmer for Price:$3.99 You Save: $21.00

The Hot Trimmer comes in a cute discreet pink snap close carry all bag that you can put all the goodies in for when you are on the go - rather it be going to an airport, over night bag, a weekend camping trip or to put into your purse for a quick trim up. Are you looking for something to spice up the bedroom? what better way than to make cute little coochie patterns, you will find it to be a new fashion statement, while your husband will find it to be a new turn on.. Let him explore your body in a new way.

The Hot Trimmer comes with 2 replaceable/removable heads. One for trimming around the area(s) that you want to design, and the second head is to trim the larger areas that you want to remove to show off your cute and sexy design. I found it easy to use and mix and match designs. The shave was quick and easy and didn't leave me bumpy, raw, or red.

For the new "Shavers" out there Fun Love has a amazing product that you should want to buy if buying this product also. It's called Coochy Cream This stuff saved my life when i first started shaving my more "Private Area" its a more of a body lotion that helps shaving irritation such as redness and bumps. The product comes in all smells, colors, and sizes. If never used coochy cream i suggest buy the 4pk to see what best suits you and your body. Because no one likes razor burn.

The Hot Trimmer comes with a 9 piece design set that is for sure to suit your taste in design. The shave designs are made of hard plastic with soft edges so you don't have to worry about cutting yourself or them breaking. The pack comes 1 of each shave design : Chili Pepper, X, V, Rain Drop, Arrow, Star, Heart (My Favorite), Check Mark, And my second favorite, The lightning Bolt. With all these selections you and your loved one will for sure find something that you both and find sexy and amusing at the same time. So Have Fun..Fun the in the bedroom!

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