Thursday, December 29, 2011

♥ Lipogen PS Plus *Review*

Your brain cells need two times more energy than other cells. Why are they such energy hogs? They never sleep. When you’re in your late 20s, you begin to lose brain cells a few at a time. Your body also starts to make less of the chemicals like phosphatidylserine that your brain cells need to function. The older you are, the more these changes can affect your memory. In fact, dying and dysfunctional brain cells may be a primary cause of deteriorating memory as well as other aspects of cognitive decline. Lipogen

I received 2 bottles Of Lipogen PS Plus to review. Who knew little red pills could be so effective. I'm not much of a belive on the subject that every pill will cure something. I belive Vitamin C,D,Fish OIL and a few others actually work healing your body but stuffing yourself full of medicine to stay young forever is over doing it. I have been suffering from memory loss for about a year now. Just little things like forgetting to turn off the lights, move the shower curtain back, replacing the toilet paper, or even forgetting and leaving a soda in the freezer to get it cold. But I know one day the little things will turn into bigger things later on. I have been thinking about trying over the counter memory medications but contiplated about it because 1. don't know if they will work. 2. don't like stuffing myself full of stuff I don't know about. and 3. Cost. I'm sure alot of my readers are thinking the exact same thing, and that's why they don't either. I have been doing research about Lipogen PS Plus and thought I would give it a try. After almost a month of using these I'm not a super genius or anything but I do have alot better attention span, and I'm not forgetting about the small stuff ALL the time as I used to. I wish I had found Lipogen PS Plus alot sooner, and I'm hoping that continued use helps me prolong my forgetful memory. I would recomend this. As of any over the counter medication you might have side affects so If all possible - talk to your doctor before using any and all medications before using.

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