Tuesday, April 5, 2011

♥ ShoeCup. *Review*

ShoeCup : Shoecup.com features many varieties of sexy shoes such as Pleaser high heel shoes, gothic shoes, clubbing shoes, dress shoes, clear wedding shoes, and prom shoes. We also carry stripper shoes or exotic dancer shoes, fetish shoes, knee high boots, thigh high boots, plus size boots and wide width boots. We offer the finest quality products for a lower price! We ship our products very discreetly and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bobby was sweet enough to send me the PINUP Couture Lolita Black Suede Pu Peep toe high heels, the first thing I noticed when opening my big ugly brown mailing box was there was a beautiful pin striped box waiting for me inside and it was gleaming like gold. I couldn't help but admire the box packaging. The cute little pinup girl in her fancy red and white dotted bikini and an over sized sun hat. I knew right then I was going to love these shoes! ♥

My shoes are packed with care, They are each wrapped in a soft breathable pocket bag that has Pin Up Couture wrote on them, Most shoes come in a box and is done. This company loves their shoes so much they bundle them in love. ♥ Pin Up Couture  ♥

*Harps start playing* I heard harps when I pulled these beautiful shoes out of my cute little box. I have just recently started becoming obsessed with shoes. (I know late bloomer) Why?..One day I had a cute outfit put together and when It came to me putting it on I was struck with shear horror. I didn't have cute shoes to go with it! So that moment something broke inside me and I have been obsessed with shoes since then! These are Beautiful!

I usually don't like ruffles, or bows on my shoes, But for some reason these ruffles made the shoe POP! It made the shoe stand to attention and It will get your attention. It makes it cute and yet sophisticated. Perfect for work, play, weddings, and more. It gives your shoes a little pep, and a little naughtiness at the same time. Who doesn't love that!

And on forth to the "Peep Toe".. I have Always..and I do mean "Always" wanted a cute Peep Toe high heel. The peep toe gives class and sass to not only your shoe but your toes. When I think of peep toe I always think of those sassy housewives that work in their cute pink kitchens making pies, cakes and meatloaf in their frilly little dotted aprons. This peep toe shoe goes back a little farther then other peep toes do. And I love that! They don't cramp or pinch your toes like other peep toe shoes I have tried on. And what's better then that everyone can see your perfectly painted toe's.

The "High Heels".. I have worn high heels in the past, and I love them. They give you height, class, and class. They stand you to attention and say Hey! I'm Important look at me! or I have what it's made of! or even, I'm sassy and I know it. What do your high heels say about you?.. My heels say.. I'm brave enough to wear high heels, I'm sassy and I'm loving it! These are the highest heels I have EVER worn tho. So it took me a minute to learn to walk in these but when I did.. I was strutting my stuff!.

I was worried at first wondering if my shoes were going to fit me, I usually wear a 9 1/2..Yeah I know I have big feet. ---> Moving on.. When I was done admiring and drooling over my new shoes and was finally brave enough to see if I can fit them, Bobby said that the shoes ran in full sizes so I took a deep breath..AAND.. I felt like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper. It fits! Hooray! These are the most comfortable HIGH heels I have ever worn! There was no pinching, Pulling, heaving or Ouchies! Which amazed me! Other then the fact that I'm in love with shoes.. My husband was all about them! He actually LOVED a pair of high heels?..To my shock and disbelief he actually does! He couldn't get over the great quality and how..he called it "Pretty" they are. Its hard to please him with it comes to my clothes, hair, and shoes. so ♥ Shoe Cup and Pin Up Couture ♥  has two very happy customers!

You can buy your own Pin Up Couture Shoes Here. Shoe Cup has TONS..and TONS of verities of shoes besides Pin Up Couture such as Goth, Sexy, varieties Clothing, Costumes, And a whole bunch more! Everything was amazing! I had a hard time choosing what style I wanted! I will definitely be going back to ShoeCup.com when I want to sassy up my shoe collection and so should you!

♥ Special Thank You's to Bobby And The ShoeCup Boss who made this possible! ♥

Shoecup has a Facebook page go there and send some Laced Kittens ♥

ShoeCup.com also has a Twitter page here: Shoecup ♥

ShoeCup also has their own YouTube! Go and see what all the fuss is about! Here

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Shoes to try and give my honest opinion. 

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