Friday, March 4, 2011

♥ Donkey T's *Review*

donkey t's: We're here at DonkeyTs to offer you the craziest t-shirts you won't dare find sold anywhere else, and with the best Quality and Prices!!! Now, how great is that. When you head out with one of our shirts on, people will definitely stop and ask you, "Where did you get that shirt?" or "Can I take your Picture" or "You're cute, can I buy you a drink?" ..Well, maybe 2 out of those three have been proven.

We started out locally in 2005 in Cincinnati, OH (WHO DEY!!!) and since 2007 have been selling around the world online. People seem to think we're KIND OF A BIG DEAL!

If you're in Cincinnati, Stop on by our retail store in Florence Mall Ya'll!

If you want information on any of our Wholesale Programs, email us today.

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I recived a tee shirt from donkey t's In black, The print says GYM TAN LAUNDRY (GTL) the material is soft, Perfect if you want to  lounge around the house, run around town, or even to go work out. It's multi sex which is good if your women loves to wear your shirts like i used to do to my husband before we got married, There was something about his shirts that made me feel comfort.
The print inside the shirt (Tagless) Wash Cold,Inside out, No tuble dry. Easy enough right? I was afraid that the yellow printed material would flake, soften, or fade. But the bright colors stayed true. I love this shirt.

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a t-shirt to try and give my honest opinion.