Friday, March 4, 2011

♥ Astara *Review*

Astara Skin Care :

Younger-Looking skin awaits you. Naturally.

Astara Natural Skin care was founded by Sunny Griffin on the premise that life supports life, and that the human body is self-healing and self rejuvenating if given the proper nourishment and environment. This is why Astara Skin Care has developed a natural skin care line that helps your body regain its natural glow.
Superior nutrition and support of your body’s own healing mechanisms are key to healthier, younger-looking skin, As such, Astara formulas are derived from only the finest botanical ingredients in the world, and designed to feed your skin at the cellular level with the purest, cleanest, most highly effective natural foods, for deepest rejuvenation, repair, and protection.Astara is Skin Food. (More Here)

I was given the "AMAZING" opportunity to pick out what I wanted to review, So after a few minutes of searching the website I stumbled upon the 6 piece Mask Sampler that came with a cute blue trimmed and clear tote bag to carry the products in. The samples contain :

15mL  Blue Flame - Purification 

15mL Violet Flame - Enzyme

15mL Green Papaya - Nutrient

15mL Golden Flame - Hydration

15mL Activated Sea - Mineral

 15mL Nourishing - Vitamin 

I just wan't to start out by saying.. I love the Green Papaya Nutrient-Mask (HEAL & NOURISH)! I have used other mudmask since i was a tween such as Freeman's Facial Clay Mask (Avocado & Oatmeal) And Queen Helene's Mint Julep Maque. They are great products, They help you dry your pimples and clean out your pores.

 But the Green papaya mask tingled when i put it on which i have never felt that in any other facial mask before!

When i first opened the Green Papaya mask container it smelled Fresh, Like Lemons or maybe lemon grass. (Key Ingredients: Papain, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Sandalwood,Ylang Ylang, Vitamins B5,C, and Comfrey,Calendula, Sugar Cane, Passion Fruit, Mango,Papaya, And Pineapple) I was very pleased with the way it smelled. The other products i haved used in the past smelled horrible or smelled like clay. Even while on my skin i could smell the freshness.

The color of the papaya mask is a pretty green seafoam color. The brush was a little rough even tho i soaked it for it in water for a few minutes. The Brush Bristles are made of Boar Bristles. But even tho the brush was a little coarse it was easier applying the mask then it was with my fingers, And alot less messy! The brush was easier to clean than I imagined it would be. I was really happy about that.

 When i first recived this review i seen how small the samples were and i was thinking theres no way i'm going to get a good review out of such small samples. But i was seriously surprised that all it took to cover my whole face was what was smeared in the lid and just a little bit of product on the wall of inside the jar! A little seriously went a LONG way!

The dry product : I don't know if you can tell in this picture, But it dried dark. It's not as light as the wet product when i first put it on my face. But i guess that's the normal experience when using any type of mud mask, I like to think it's to let me know that the product is ready to take off. I feel so special. ♥ When dried the mask feels really soft. Unlike other clay mask i have used that made my skin squeeze tight like i have tape on my face pulling it together. Not a great experience.

Aaand..Finished! Okay so the clay mask isn't the fountain of Youth, But it made my skin feel refreshed, Clean, and Seriously not as stressed as I was before i used the clay mask. It didn't leave my skin dry like other facial mud mask, The price is a little steep. ($69) for a 6 pack sampler, But if you have the money i would recomend this product.

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