Saturday, March 19, 2011

♥ BondiBand *Review* And *Giveaway*

Bondiband : The simple premise of Bondi Bands is to offer comfy, colorful, and creative headbands to fit every lifestyle and personality.

By using stretchy and breathable material, we allow Bondi Bands to fit virtually every head size comfortably and fashionably.

Our buyers constantly search for the newest and trendiest fabric designs and complement them with traditional craftsmanship to bring our customers the best product available on the market. (Read More)

I just want to start off by saying GOD BLESS bondiband's! I simply LOVE this product. I have been waiting my whole life for this product.. And a whole bunch more love! ♥ Bondibands let me choose what design and style I wanted. It was a hard decision since they have tons of cute and adorable designs! But then I stumbled upon ..WHAAA..PINK CHEETAH! and I knew i had to have this one! Glitz and Glam and Pink! ♥

Today is one of those hot, humid, and rainy days..So on days like today I always have my hair pulled up away from my face and my neck. As you can see in this picture I have really curly hair, but what you can't see is my hair is super, super thick. And I have trouble keeping headbands in my hair because they slip and slide right off my head. NOT bondiband! I have had this on all day and not once did it slip off my head. If you have this problem bondi band is for sure for you! With all their amazing designs you are sure to find something that you can't live withought.

My pink cheetah bondiband is not only pink, and cheetah print, But it's got sparkle! You might or might not be able to tell the shimmer on the top it has glued on pink sparkle spots on it. So cute! Bondibands would be perfect for everyday, Sports, to fun up a boring outfit, a day at the lake, pool side, or just to keep sweat from geting in your eyes. BondiBand head bands only cost $8.00 Who could say no to that! Your stylish head and your wallet will be thanking you! BondiBand headbands are soft to the touch and breathable. I wish I had found BondiBands a LONG time ago! Check BondiBands out you won't regret it! They have BondiBands for guys  and babies too..

Check out BondiBands on facebook here: BondiBands facebook

BondiBand is sweet enough to let me give a BondiBand to one of my readers ! !

               To enter to win you must do (2 simple things)

1. BondiBand Go to BondiBands and come back to "THIS" post and tell tell me what your favorite "BondiBand" design is.


2. go to BondiBands (Facebook) Page here : BondiBand's facebook page and post on their wall that (Laced Kittens) sent you. Easy Peasie right?..

Giveaway ends : (Saturday, March 26th) .. I will be choosing winner

                                Good luck Readers!


Nikki said...

Camo peace pink

michelle r said...

both done...I think the Van Gogh (splashes and splashed of color, match with everything)...thanks for the giveaway!

Deals and Freebies by Cat said...

Would love a solid black one!

Colleenie said...

Hard BUT im gonna go with Alice in Wonderland! Cute!
fall_out_girl@comcast [dot] net

Anonymous said...

1) oo, it's going to be between Solid Chocolate Wicking and Solid Black Wicking. I've definitely decided on solid color and wicking, but... all the colors are great :) Will decide if I win. ;)

2) wrote on Bondi Band's FB wall:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150166710388854&id=100000826352246

Jasmine1485 said...

I love the Cool Cowgirl, such a pretty colour, my favourite! :)

I also liked Bondi Band's facebook page (Kate Ryan) and left a comment telling them you sent me:

kate1485 at

Unknown said...

michelle r chose you as the winner for the free BondiBand! Send me an e-mail to my e-mail address here ( by Sunday, March 27th by 5pm Centeral time to claim your prize! ♥

Don't worry girls, I have more giveaways comming really soon!