Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♥ Judy's Bottle Holders *Review*

Judy's Botle Holder : Judy's Baby Bottle Holder is a flexible bottle-holding device that allows caregivers to safely hold and feed their babies with one arm while performing simple tasks with the other. Unlike bottle proppers, Judy's Bottle Holder promotes proper positional feeding and requires adult supervision. (Read More)

Judy at Judy's Bottle Holder was kind enough to send me 2 of her bottle holders, 1 in blue, and 1 in purple. This is a product I wish I knew about when my Niece Ivy was born. I took care of her most of her (Babyish) life and It was dificult to do things around the house because she she always wanted to be held when she was fed. I'm sure most of you know how hard it is when baby's do that..Right?..

Blue: I know what you are thinking..This gadget doesn't look like much..And or How am I supposed to use it?.. I agree it doesn't look like much at first but trust me, It will be your third arm, hand, and leg! You simply but the curved part around your neck and the bottle holder is flexible so you can adjust it closer or farther away if needed, You slide the baby bottle in the small U and it's feeding time! Every mom,dad, Grandparent, and Aunt needs this for baby(s) It's a true miracle you will love it.

The blue bottle holder I received has a cute little blue flower at the end of the leg, It gives the bottle holder a little cuteness without going overboard Yes even for boys! since the rest of the bottle holder is a plain blue. Baby boy won't know a difference.

The purple bottle holder came with a flower at the end of the leg also, This one came with a cute little pink flower on the end. Both bottle holders are flexible for your convience to move the bottle closer or farther away from baby. Both fabrics are soft to the so there will be no fuss about scratchy fabrics.  Judy's Bottle Holders can easily be hand washed with soap and left to air dry. Simple right?

Purple : Both the purple (Seen in picture) are unisex colors perfect for baby boy or baby girl. I'm sure they wouldn't care as long as they are getting their little tummy full. Judy's Bottle Holders AKA (JBH) for her men business partners. ♥ Showing love to the guys. would be perfect for your own little one(s) or even better for a baby shower present. Judys Bottle Holders should be shown love all around. This is a amazing product you should own 1.. Or 2.. and buy some for friends and family too!

 Interested in purchasing a bottle holder for yourself or someone you know? At just $9.50 each plus $5.00 for shipping and handling, Judy's Bottle Holders make great gifts. You can also choose from a variety of colors. (Shop Here)

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Judy's Bottle Holders to try and give my honest opinion. 

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