Sunday, March 6, 2011

♥ Juara *Review*

Juara : Recognizing that present skincare offerings did not have solutions that were rooted in history and simple to use, four young friends sought to bring back the traditions of the past by creating products that fuse the active botanicals of Indonesian herbal recipes with Western science to create products that represent the best of both, the east and west. (Read More)

I was sent 4 products from Juara to try including :
Candlenut body creme, Rice Facial Cleanser, Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisterizer, and the Sweet black tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer.

I used the Rice facial Cleanser and it lathered up really nicely. The fragrance was wonderful It smelled like sweet rice. While in the shower my face felt soft and clean and The smell of the product relaxed me. But as soon as i got out of the shower and my face air dried my face felt a little dry. Even tho it didn't leave me as dry as other  Rice Facial Cleansers i have used in the past. I opened the Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer to see if it would bring some life back into my face. I dotted my face with the product and then smoothed a thin layer to my whole face and within seconds the apples of my cheeks turned slightly red. It had a slight tingle feeling but nothing that made me worry. the moisturizer has a sent that i can not put my finger on. it doesn't smell bad i just can't figure out the smell. The samples provided for me is from the Softening Series which you can find here : Softening Series .

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