Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♥ Dr's Remedy *Review*

Dr's Remedy : Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are well-respected board certified podiatrists who care about the products their patients use. Both doctors have spent years of study and training in the field of podiatry. Although, skilled surgeons, they realize a top reason patients come into their office is because of brittle, discolored nails, often times associated with the harsh chemicals in commercial nail polish.
Together, they created a line of nail polish to combat this epidemic. Read More)

Dr's Remedy sent me 3 of their wonderful nail polishes, Far left (Healing Heather Grey) Middle (Revive Ruby Red) Far Right (Desire Dark Brown) Along came with the polishes was a cute pink nail file.

When I opened the package I was hoping for a pink nail polish but didn't recive one so I imediately went for (Revive Ruby Red) Because that's the second color I always paint my nail in is red. The first thing i noticed was it had a smell but i have had other nail polishes that had a stronger smell then this product. Dr's Remedy nail polishes are made from Tea Tree Oil, Vitamins, And Wheat Protein. I never had a nail polish made from that, So it was a different but nice experience.

I have been wearing Dr's Remedy for about a week now and it has been a wonderful one! I put my toe nails through the toughest, Roughest, And the worse possible thing imagine. From wresting in bed with m

 y husband, to socks, shoes, hot baths, lotions, did i mention shoes?..As soon as summer time get's close I always start pampering my feet and start wearing nail polish, The only thing is my nail polish if I'm lucky, Last a week. Some times a few  hours. I have had nail polish chip w
ithin the hour of putting it on. If you have had that happen then you know how annoying that can get when you get the nail polish on perfect and it screws up. I have yet to have Dr's Remedy chip, crack, fade, or even split on me yet! It's still vibrant just like I just put it on. Applying ruby red went on easy, And unlike most other of my nail polishes it didn't leave those horrible rough chunks, or spots where the nail polish is applied.

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided Nail Polish to try and give my honest opinion.

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