Tuesday, September 17, 2013

♥ Halftee *Review*

HALFTEE : About four years ago I had just had my third baby. As I was trying to feed him, and trying to manage not one shirt but two I asked myself, "Why can't they come up with a half shirt that provides the modest coverage a undershirt provides in the neckline and cap sleeve, but ditch all the extra lenghth". It wasn't until my fifth baby that I decided to take action and design my own under shirt, and designed "Halftee"- an under shirt that is "all style, no hassle." "Read More" .

I chose the Peekaboo HALFTEE for $24.99 in white and am I so glad that I did! the Peekaboo HALFTEE is the best thing since sliced bread! I love, and I do mean LOVE mine. I am very modest, and I like to feel covered but comfortable. I also like the layered look but I hate having to wear a tank top or spaghetti straps because I feel all bunched up which in the process makes me hot and sweat which I also hate, because that leads too me worrying if I stink. I go out of my way to always smell good, and I don't want B.O too stand in my way of my daily life, but the fabric is light weight and I don't get to stuffy.  I have tried different kinds of undershirts, half tanks, tube tops, you name it I bought it, trying to find the perfect coverage and comfort, I never found it until now!

HALFTEE is the ultimate wardrobe expander, I have wore it under my favorite summer and spring dresses, I have found my love wearing it under my lace tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, corsets, and even alone while doing my daily workout. It was the most comfortable workout shirt I have ever wore. The HALFTEE is the most fashion-forward dressy, and versatile layer shirt I own. You can go from day to night with ease. I love the lace detail that gives it a flirty, but sophisticated detail. The back has a scoop neck detail that you can wear it both ways. The sleeve's are a perfect length on the arms, My arms are not super skinny so I'm always trying to find shirts that cover my arms and the cap sleeves on this shirt is very flattering. The fabric is super soft so I won't get itchy like most fabrics. Thank you, HALFTEE!! ♥

♥ All opinion(s) are of my own, I was not paid for my opinion(s).

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