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♥ Plus Size Bras and Panties *Review*

Plus Size Bra's And Panties : Hello and Welcome from Brenda, Owner, Designer and Fashion Consultant for .

My company Beach House Productions began so that Plus Size women would have easy access to trendy, good quality Plus Size Bras and Panties. Our goal is to offer beautiful, sensual, good quality lingerie and accessories at affordable prices in an enjoyable boutique style setting.

Our customers are our first priority. We offer old fashioned customer service and strive to create an ongoing shopping relationship. We want you to enjoy shopping with us and we hope you look forward to returning. (Read More)

                            ♥ Adult Content ♥

Brenda at Plus Size Bras and Panties was amazing enough to let me pick out something I wanted from her website. I knew what I wanted when I seen the category "Corsets" I have always wanted a corset but all the ones that I have ever seen in the stores was for "Small to medium" built women. Well I got a butt and bust hun! So I was super excited to see a "Plus Size" Corset! There was a good selection of corsets to chose from. There was pink and Cheetah print. Which I would usually be a sucker for. But this red and black lace corset Flamenco Red Satin and Black Lace  stood out from all the rest.
The corset came in 2 parts which I was a little confused about for a brief second.. Then I realized that the front has a hook-eye closure front..Which in the long run I end up liking it better then if it was made together. with it being separated it's easy to take off/put on and easy to pack up to travel with.
This GORGEOUS fabric (It's really pretty in the picture, but the colors are AMAZING if you are actually looking at it in your hands) The fabric is a beautiful bold red shiny material, and the outside is that beautiful flowered lace. Together It takes your breath away. (Your loved one will love it!) I was a little worried about what my husband would say about it, because he's not a lingerie kind of man and this is a BOLD step from lingerie. But when he see it (NOT ON ME) his eyes got big and his jaw dropped.
The back has a silver eye hole backing for the lacing. The corset came with instructions that was easy to understand and read (thank god) for those like me who has NEVER worn one the instructions are very helpful. What's also great about this corset is it's versatility. You can wear this as sexy wear with black or red sexy panties or thong or you could wear it to work (If you a seriously brave enough) with a black pencil cut skirt, and peep toe shoes.
The corset has a flap sewn into the corset for those (I can't fit into it!) even tho you thought you picked the right size doesn't always mean it will "fit" when shopping online. But don't worry all you have to do is use this flap to make it fit. I seriously loved that it came with the flap. 
Don't ask me why the fabric in this picture is a grey color (Stupid Camera) maybe?..The inside is a jet black color that matches the rest of the corset so don't worry if you are thinking about ordering this corset..Everything matches! Inside is metal sewn inside the fabric to give it that uplift so the corset won't sag, bunch, or slide. It will keep perfect posture even in the most..*COUGH*.. strenuous situations. Hey it's sexy for a reason ! *Smiles*

The outside of the corset is covered with that amazing bold red fabric with the sexy and spicy black flowered lace, and to top it off through out the corset has Row's of black ruffled lace going from the top to the bottom. I love that, It balances everything out but gives it that flirty sexy look to it also.

As seen in the picture on the model (above) this corset has a stretchy ruffled lace straps sewn into it. It gives it a cute but sassy look. But the straps are so light weight that if you don't want the straps you can tuck the straps right into the corset and wear it strapless. I like it both ways so I guess it depends on my mood on how I want to wear it.

♥ Special thanks to Brenda for being amazing enough to let me do this review. It is far one of my favorite reviews! 

♥ Go to Brenda's website Plus Size Panties and check out all the amazing clothing options she has! You won't be disapointed girls!

♥ Brenda has a facebook page LINKYPOO go "LIKE" her and tell her Laced Kittens sent you! She's an amazing woman. You will love her!

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♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a Corset to try and give my honest opinion. 

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