Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥ T.G.I.F Poatato Skins

TGI Fridays Potato Skins (Takes Deep Breath)
 I have only had TGI Friday's 2 times in my life and each time i had The potatoe skins, They are a blessing. These potatoe chips are crunchy, full of flavor and Oh So Delicious. Yum! I found these at my local dollar tree for $1.00 a bag these delicous potatoe skin chips come in Cheddar and bacon flavor and is so dear to my heart i love these potatoe chips their bold flavor tickles your taste buds the crunch will make you go deaf and make you want more. I love them!

My husband tried them for the first time and he is now addicted to them, You can taste the bacon on them, I love to lick off the flavor and them enjoy the crunchy thick potatoe chip alone. They make a great snack and would also make a great side dish for hamburgers or hot dogs, or serve them as a snack at a birthday party or even for a big football party or a grill out.