Saturday, March 12, 2011

♥ I rub my duckie *Review*

                             -Adult Review-

Big Teaze Toys : Big Teaze Toys is a Los Angeles-based product design and manufacturing firm focused on creating fun and innovative products for adults. The company was created in 1997 by Tony Levine after years of tireless sex product research. Our best-known product is I Rub My Duckie®, a line of waterproof, personal massagers that has received international attention from retailers, consumers and the media.

We constantly strive to surprise and delight our customers with unique, high-quality products and services that have a fun look and feel and leave the consumer with a smile and positive feelings about their sensuality. We test our product concepts extensively during consumer trade shows all over the world, to determine if products are going to appeal to consumers. Additionally, we host product focus groups to learn more about what consumers want and do not want in products. At the core of our business philosophy is a deep regard for the needs/ wants of the consumers who purchase our products, as well as those of our distribution partners. (Read More)

This is seriously too cute to even take out of the box! When i think of "Rubby Ducky's" I think of children's play toy's which kinda made me cringe. But the more I stared at it the more friendly it got. It's a new twist on "Play Time Fun". Just don't let your kids see this!. I rub my ducky (Waterproof Massager's)  bright colors caught my attention and with its cute little duck features. I almost wanted to run and fill up the bath tub and play with it. 

This rubber duck Is a 3 speed and soft to touch. You simply press his back and he turns on. How cute and easy is that?.. It came witch a cute plastic case that you can carry with it's build in ribbon handle. I rub my duckie would be perfect for a Birthday present, Bachlorette party, or just a because gift. I rub my duckie is a cute but "cute discreet" Massager which is perfect for those "Accidental" findings. I'm sure you have had at least (1) of those.

My I rub my duckie is the full size massager, they also have the plain "classic" I rub my duckie in the smaller size (Travel size) perfect for traveling, or overnight stays. I rub my duckie is great with massage oils, It's less messy and a whole lot more fun. I rub my duckie has tons of differnt I rub my duckies, Such as Devil, Golden, Bondage, And much more! Alos tons in the "Travel" Sizes too! You can check them out here - I rub My Duckie.

♥ I receive no monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a I rub my duckie to try and give my honest opinion. 

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