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♥ KittyWitch Perfumery *Review*

KittyWitch Perfumery : Our perfumes are created in small batches, composed in a water base using the finest, purest fragrance oil blends & essential oils, plus whole bunches of love are added too. Combining magic and aromatherapy is our specialty. Let us create a custom perfume blend just for you!

I received 12 sample viles from Rayne at KittyWitch Perfumery. In the scents of :

 (Top Right) SummerTime Rules (Mint Green) , Persephone's Passion (Peach), So Sweet (Yellow), Love Potion #9 (Hot Pink) , Spellbound (Red), Lovers (Light Blue)

 (Top Left) Innana's Delight (Purple), Bite Me Baby (Black), Magdelene'Smagic (Light Pink), Voo Doo You Love (Bright Green), Pan's Pleasure (Green), and Aries (Light Purple).

I am a huge perfume and scented body oil freak. I love to smell good, and I love to smell good for my husband. My husband and me have different types of scents we both want me to smell like. I love floral, spicy, powder, and exoitc scents. He likes me to smell like fruits. I was never a really big fruit or nature perfume wearer. But I like to make him happy and I want him to think I smell good so I have always went out of my way to find a fruity/nature perfume that we both can agree on..That's not always the easiest to do! It's hard to find fruity smelling perfumes I like that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to attrack every bee, wasp, aunt, and dragon fly from a mile away thinking I'm a flower. I have searched the internet for more earthy perfumes but I cringe at the thought of buying something that I can't even smell. I was excited that I seen that KittyWitch Perfumery is delighted to send "ANYONE" perfume samples! ..It show's right there on their website header (We LOVE to send out samples! Give us a shout!) If you have never tried their perfumes/oils or such..You seriously need to hit them up! and buy perfumes from them. They are amazing!. They will also create a custom perfume blend just for you. I know what I'm asking Jeff for when my Birthday comes around!

                         ♥ Perfumes on the Right ♥

*Mint Green* SummerTime Rules (Lemon  Verbena/Protection • Rose/Beauty • Peach/Love) - Remember I was telling you (above) that it's hard to find "nature" scent's that I like?.. I love this! SummerTime Rules remind me of lemon grass tea. It makes me want to go outside and relax in a lawn chair and snuggle up and sleep. The smell is amazing and bright.

*Peach* Persephone's Passion (Fig/love • Pomegranate/luck) - Persephone's Passion is an amazing soft but spicy fruit scent. It's sweet but sensual. I would wear this on a romantic date night with my husband. It's not over bearing so he wouldn't choked up on the perfume fumes just talking to me. Your husband would get a nice aroma while kissing your neck. I could take a bath in this scent.

*Yellow* So Sweet (Narcissus/Luck • Spearmint/Love) -  Peppermint schnapps, with a hint of lemon grass. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I smell this. It has a big burst of mint, and then a after shock of lemon. The scent gave me a big boost of energy just taking a little whiff! I never had a energy slurge just smelling perfume before! I feel like I could conqure the world just smelling perfume! I need to wear this one 7 days a week. Maybe I could get laundry, and cleaning done more often.

*Hot Pink* Love Potion #9 (Gardenia/Love • Jasmine/ Spiritual Love • lilly of the valley/happiness • Vanilla/Lust • Orange Beauty • Cinnamon/Attraction) - The second I popped open the lid, Cinnamon scented the air! HEAVEN! .. My husband and I don't fight over the smell of cinnamon/apple cinnamon air fresheners, candles, fragrance burners, ect. when it comes to cinnamon. We both love the house smelling like I have been baking pies all day. So I was very pleased when all I could smell was fragrant cinnamon from this mini vile. It had such a strong aroma from such a little thing. My husband would go nuts if I wore this perfume around him. *Smiles*.  When I seen "Love Potion #9" on the website I was curious on how it would smell.. I love it. If you like anything cinnamon you would fall in love with Cinnamon Attraction!

*Red* (Spellbound) - I can't my finger on the scent that I keep smelling.. I get a whiff of roses, and body powder. I remember when I was young..5 or 6 and I used to go to my grandmothers house and I would run to her bedroom and dress up in her dresses, jewlery, and high heels. But I couldn't resist soaking myself in her fancy perfume she had in her beautiful glass perfume bottles. You know the ones where they have the squeeze sprayer. I loved how I smelled like my Grandmother and my Mom when I got all dressed up. The second I smelled Spellbound the special memories came flooding back to me. Spellbound has that old fashioned scent (Not the icky scent) but the old fashioned scents that the women would wear in their enormous ball gown dresses and their powdered wigs kind of scent. If you know what I'm talking about you will LOVE Spellbound!

*Light Blue* (Lovers) - Lovers has a delicate scent to it. To ME it has a sensitive powdered mint smell. It's not to strong, but it isn't so soft you can't smell it. I'm addicted to the smell. It's so soft and fragrant. It has a smell that I have never smelled before. It's for sure a scent I would love to wear all the time. It's not overbearing and it's comforting. It's like being wrapped up in a warm blanket.

                        ♥ Perfumes on the Right ♥

*Purple* Innana's Delight (Rose/Happiness • Fig/Love • Lotus/Luck) - I love roses. Rather it be flowers, body oils, hand lotions, fragrance oils, or perfumes. I love the scents. I love how romantic, sensual, and warm it is. I love rose perfumes because it makes me feel beautiful and calm. When I opened this vile I felt a sweep of romance come over me and all I wanted to do is take a nice hot bubble bath and relax. The scent of roses, powder, and lavender filled the air and I instantly relaxed. Rose perfumes make your stressful days less stressed. And it helps you unwind.

*Black* Bite Me Baby ( Basil/Luck • Cinnamon/Attraction) - The name alone makes me want to jump into bed with my husband and never get out. And then you take a whiff of this perfume and it makes you want to dust off the handcuffs and .. well you get the point. This perfume will make the naughty side of you come out and play. This sexual scented perfume has a dangerous spicy scent to it that will make you want to never wash it off. Your husband will love you in the scent and will want to eat you up. The spicy basil will bring you luck..In bed.

*Pink* Magdelene's Magic (Spikenard/Health • Rose/Love & Beauty) - Magdelene's Magic is another amazing rose scented perfume. This perfume has a little bit stronger rose scent to it. This will cast a scent across the room and get everyones attention. It's floral and powdery scent is sensual and exotic. The scent will put anyone under your spell. I love stronger scented perfumes and this one has not let me down. A little drop will go a long ways. You will not have to reapply for awhile and smells amazing!

*Bright Green* Voo Doo You Love (Lavendar/Love • Rose/Love • Cloves/Love • Ginger/Love • Thyme/Love) - Cloves has a unique smell of it's own. It's passionate, Exciting, Bright, and Fun. It will bring a whole new light to your regular perfumes you wear. It will give you energy on long days, and keep you on your toes the rest. You will smile each time you smell this perfume, and make the people around you want to smell you. It smell's like rain after a long dry spell and makes you feel like you just got out of the shower.

*Green* (Pan's Pleasure) - Pan's Pleasure's reminds me of the warm forrest or woods. It's wintery, grass, pinecone scent makes me want to go fishing and camping! I love summer and spring. The warmth on my face, and the memories my husband I make together when we are frolicking abound in the sun. The cool nights in our tent staring at the stars, and the tan's we get relaxing in the sun. The clover scent is sure to make you want to cuddle and relax when you're day's are the most stressful.

*Light Purple* (Aries) - I'm super excited to review the "Aries" Perfume. Aries is from the Horiscope collection. They have every Birthday month Jan-Dec. I happen to be an Aries Because I was born in March. hence "Aries" the name of the perfume. It has a smoky, flowery smell to it that I absolutly love! It's sensual but girly. Exotic and Soft. A little bit goes a long ways. The lingering powder scent will make take a deep breath *Sigh* and smile.

Don't forget, you can contact Rayne for free samples of their amazing perfumes! ♥

♥ You can buy KittyWitch Perfumes : KittyWitch's Etsy.

♥ You can find all the scents KittyWitch Perfumes offers : Here.

♥ You can find KittyWitch Perfumes on facebook : Here.

♥ You can find KittyWitch's blog : Here.

♥ I received no monetary compensation for this review. I was provided KittyWitch Perfumes to try and give my honest opinion(s). 

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