Tuesday, May 10, 2011

♥ Degree *Review*

Degree :  The parent company Unilever had sales of 49.9 billion dollars in 2004. Degree in the USA and Canada and Rexena in Japan and Korea) is a deodorant brand manufactured by Anglo Dutch company Unilever. It was developed in 1908 by an Australian pharmacist and his wife.

I have always been a Dove deoderant girl, But I was excited to try something new I have been wanting to try since I seen the Degree motion sense comercial. I have been wanting to try something different from my usual deoderant because I'm very active during the summer while fishing, camping, and swimming. I was very impressed with the new Degree Motion sense. It kept me smelling good, fresh, and clean even during my overly active days, Even my usual deoderant can't stand up to my hardest days. Degree kept it's cool and kept me cool too. I love the smell of the deoderant I was provided (Fresh Energy) it's clean, crisp, fruity, and floral all in the same mixture. I did the secret arm pit test during the trial review of this deoderant.. ( I know I'm not the only female that does this) so don't be saying ew. while reading this..Most of you just won't admit it. Well I do the sniff test because I don't want to be in public smelling rank. But I won't have to worry about that anymore while wearing Degree Motion Sense because it kept me smelling fresh all day. I worry about trying new deoderant products because of my sensitive underarms leaving hurtful bumps but degree didn't break me out but kept my skin feeling soft all day. I love Degree! ♥

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