Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Schick Hydro Shaving

SchickHydro  is a brand of safety razors by Wilkinson Sword , a subsidiary of Energizer Holdings . While second in sales to Gillette globally, Schick is the top selling brand of safety razors and blades in Japan. The Schick brand is used in North America, Australia, Asia and Russia. In other markets Wilkinson sells the same products under the Wilkinson Sword. brand.
Schick also markets shaving gels.


 I got this lovely freebie in the mail for (free) it is for my Husband, i snagged this bad boy from the Schick Hydro (Clean Break) Contest a $20.00 Value. Kit contains A 5 blade razor, a 5 pack or replacable razor heads also (5) blades, and a can of Schick Hydro shaving cream Schick gives the some of the best shaves on the market, it always leaves my husbands face silky smooth the blades never nick him like most razor blades, and it leaves his face smelling fresh and clean. Schick products are great for Christmas present, in a  Birthday gift basket, or a just because gift. It's for sure too please your man. Soon as my husband got this he was like a kid in a candy store. Special thanks to SchickHydro for sending him this free kit!