Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Energizer Batteries

 Energizer: Most historians date the start of battery development from the late eighteenth century. However some archeological finds may push the date of origin back as far as 2,000 years ago. In 1938 Wilhelm Konig madea d discovery in Iraq of a 5 inch pottery jar containing a copper cylinder that encased an iron rod. Konig decided that this was n ancient battery.

The history of batteries and developent of devices go hand in hand. When Eveready invented the first miniature batteries in the late 1950's, most of the world stopped winding watches. Alkaline batteries provided enough power to make way for portable radios, boom boxes and toys that beep and blink. With the intorduction of lithium batteries, it opend up a whole new world of long-lasting power for high-tec devices from digital cameras to MP3 players and handheld computers.

 I got a free coupon for Instore pack of AA Rechargable Energizer batteries, I have been using Energizer batteries since i was a tot in my toys, and now at 27 i still use them for every day use, from the camera i use to take the review pictures, to the remote to the tvs, even as little as the flashlight in the car, the are some of the best betteries on the market and i will continue to use them in every day life They are the most durable batteries i have yet to expierience in my life, After Buying a Xbox 360 for my husband an i i relized how fast a person can go through batteries. so i recomend for all you camera divas, couch potatoes, and electronic nerds like me you need to buy Energizer batteries if you want to keep help keep every day life sane. Facebook  - Energizer.

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