Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quicken Loans/Xeko

Quicken Loans: For a quarter century, we’ve been creating innovative mortgage solutions for people just like you. The result: exclusive technology providing unparalleled service and the fastest, easiest mortgage available.
Our efforts go beyond just home financing. We strive to help every American improve their personal financial situation, and put a strong emphasis on giving back to the community  – with projects like our Tweets for ALS fund drive.
Currently, we’re the #1 online lender and the #5 retail mortgage lender in America. It’s why the Better Business Bureau gives us an “A+” and 94% of our clients would recommend us to family and friends.

Xeko: We’re about good! So much so that we’ve created an entirely new genre of gaming called Gaming for Good ™.
No other virtual world empowers kids to play an active role in making a difference in the real world – all while having fun through competitive game play and interactive exploring.

Xeko is the first and only virtual world that uses what we’re calling Mirrored Gaming™ — which is based on the exclusive premise of practicing good online and reflecting that same good offline.  
Saving REAL Tigers in China and tracking REAL Polar Bears in the Arctic are just a few examples how kids are making a difference by playing in Xeko’s virtual world! Come play in our world. Visit the map in game to begin exploring all of the fun features and games.

I got this Strange Stuffed Sloth last night via UPS - This review is from an instant win from Quicken Loans (America's Home Loan Experts) The stuffed sloth is a creation from the virtual online game called Xeko (Pronounced Zeeko) A virtual world for kids! By playing Xeko's online games, kids cause good to happen in the real world! Saving REAL sea turtles from the Gulf oil spill, tracking REAL polar bears in the Arctic, and resuing tigers in China are a few examples how kids are making a difference in our world! Xeko allocates money to a "non-profit charitable partner for every Xeko toy and game brought into the virtual world. Try it out now. Xeko. Special thanks to Quicken Loans and Xeko!

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