Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥ Marco


Marco  was founded by Martin Arch in 1964 as a family business serving the local central Pennsylvania area. Martin's son, Ken, joined the business in 1988 and acquired the business from his father in 1994. Under Ken’s direction, MARCO grew to be one of the industry’s leading providers of promotional products and meeting supplies thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada. On June 8th, 2005, Dick Nelson, former CEO and founder of 4imprint (formally, Nelson Marketing). acquired a majority of MARCO from Ken.

Dick Nelson also joined his father, Kenneth's company, Nelson Marketing, which sold premium items to financial institutions and some imprinted  promotional items . After the bank deregulation wiped-out the premium side of the business, Nelson Marketing changed its focus to selling promotional products though the direct mail catalog. The first Nelson Marketing catalog was mailed in 1987.



 I stumbled accross this while doing my daily scan through my freebie sites, where they had posted a link for this website and the website is great for ordering products for business types or even for the regular every day consumer. they have thousands of products to buy from tote bags, to lunch pales, anywhere from coffee mugs (As shown) the products on the website are great priced, and the prices for special logo's for your business or personal use is fantastic. Or you can choose to get (free) sample(s) of ANY product shown on the website, The coffee mug shown is just (1) of 3 coffee mugs i got for (free) as a (Sample) from shipping was also free for the (Sample) and the product shown came (3) days after orderd and the other 2 samples came 4 days after ordered (different packages). The quality of the coffee mug is terrific, it's not cheap plastic, it's hard ceramic with glazed paint shown for the design shown on the coffee mug. the design on the mug is from a music magazine, but since it was a (free) sample it was a random order. which one of my other 2 coffee mugs was a coffee mug from (Verizon- Cell phone carrier). But if you choose to order from the site you are able to put your own logo or business logo on the product you order. It's not bad on the eyes either. It's super cute.

I have a hard time finding good sturdy coffee mugs, They always seem to break, chip, stain, or the handle will break off. This coffee mug has not let me down, Its thick rim has not chiped,  the color has not faded has not stained, and it handles well in the dishwasher. I have gotten many good compliments on this coffee mug.

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