Friday, October 8, 2010

Inside a crazy chick's mind..

Being inside my head lately has been a very crazy thing. I don't know if its a cocktail of stress or getting old or a mixture of both. But it's once again fall.. I love fall for many reasons, The changing of beautiful leaves, watching kids play in the beautiful leaves, Pumpkin pie/Pecan pie, Leather jackets, Scarves, pretty fall weather makeup, cooler weather. I could mumble on forever..But the whole point of this post is because i was trying to find one of my favorite fall shirts, i tore apart my Freebie closet (Yes i have a whole spare closet full of boxed freebies)(And yes i know you think i'm totally nuts) I tore apart the bedroom closet, and the spare bedroom/closet. After an hour of frantic searching where was it? (In the Freebie closet ! !) where i looked the FIRST time. Ugh ! ! Now im wore out and gone out of my mind.  I took some picture of the shirt that i went crazy over.. I'm sure some of you will think it's not worth it. lol


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