Saturday, October 9, 2010

-Adult Content-

Okay i spent from the time i woke up untill a few minutes ago with my husband, we run into town to get redbox and a pizza so i spent almost all day with him until he passes out on me. So i come in here to check on my blog to make sure everyone is nice, content, and happy when i notice i have 13 members i was like Yay Us! when i came to relized the s/n was asian****ingstudents. Well i'm sorry, I know that i have the "Adult Content" Warning up before you visit this blog but that is for general purpose of just in case a teen/kid stumbles onto our blog and the parents doesn't like what they are seeing we are covered "ADULT CONTENT" not for the distrabution of "PORN" or any other content. I won't insult my lovely followers that i have by allowing such trash on my blog. This is a Clean blog for frugal living ONLY. I would rather have no followers then that content trashing up my blog. Do you agree? . .

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