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Sage Clothing  - Since opening in 1997, owner and founder, Shannon Kitchens, along with her mother and husband team, has brought Sage to multiple Atlanta store locations and online shopping. We offer a select choice of clothing, handbags, accessories, and jewelry all for an exceptional value and quality! We stock new arrivals weekly, and remain focused on customer service as our number one priority.

We believe that there is beauty in giving back. On any given day, you can find us giving back to the community through donations and fundraisers, supporting some of our favorite organizations like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, The American Heart Association and Susan G. Komen for the Cure just to name a few.  Our mission is to continue to provide our customers with the hottest fashion finds at an affordable price, and the Sage Customer will always be number one!

Welcome to Sage all you fashionistas!

Have you discovered Sage Clothing yet? I have, and wow! they have the most amazing assortment of clothing, shoes, and accessories every woman dreams about (including ME) I'm a huge clothes fanatic, and I also LOVE purses, and necklaces. But Not all websites have my style of clothing and accessories. Sage Clothing has the most trendy clothing and misc. that fits my styles. There is no other greater feeling then walking around in cute clothes and turning heads. I have a mixed sense of style, I put pieces together and not buy them assembled. I like to mix and match and come up with pieces other women are not wearing. I have a strange body type, and it can make it really hard shopping in regular stores, let alone online,  I have always had a unique style and my friends and strangers are always asking me where I shop. I scoop out the most unique purses and I'm always getting complimented on it. I like jewelery but only certain pieces such as toe rings, necklaces, and earrings. So when I plan on buying new pieces it has to be a certain style, it can't be to flashy, or boring.

One day I stumbled across the website called - Sage Clothing. I was love struck with all the amazing dresses, shirts, purses, and accessories they have. I'm a frugal living woman and I seek out amazing deals and this website has it all! Glam, Cute Casual, and Dressy. PursesSassy Jewelry , and Fashion Fixes! what's better then amazing fashion in one spot? Amazing prices! Sage Clothing has it all in one spot. I spent hours looking and drooling at the wide selection of fashions you can buy from the online store. For the lucky ladies that live in or around the great state of - GA Sage also has stores you can go to! how lucky are you! I wish they had a store here in Tulsa,Ok! sage has an amazing size selection to choose from also. I was really impressed! the sizes range from - XS - 31 in amazing assortment of cute and fashionable clothing you will sure to love. Sage online has a sale selection to choose from for when you are on a budget, or just love sale shopping like I do. Sage also gives you the option to choose from their newest arrivals, or use the drop down box to choose from low prices to high, or you can skip the misc. selections and go straight to you're size with the easy size selector on the left hand size of the website. Sage Clothing has a simple layout so you know what you are looking for. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the fab. clothing and acessories, I don't know where to start!. Below you can find just a few of my favorites on the website.

Black Color Block Scarf  - I love the different blended colors. Colors make winters more cheerful and perk up lighter skin tones like mine. I tan in the summer, but as winter comes closer my skin starts to tone down to it's natural skin color. Scarfs are also a great accessorie from those drab days at work when you don't feel like tossing on your favorite earrings. The darkened red, and blue also will perk up a boring black outfit, or add a touch of color. for just ($20.00) it will also add a little perk to your wallet and budget also.

Eclipse One Shoulder Knit Dress -  I am in love with this dress! This one shouldered bat wing dress in the color of Eclipse is for sure a show stow stopper. It will turn heads and make you struct your stuff like you are on a catwalk. I am a big fan of one shoulder well.. anything.. and also a lover of the batwinged look. and they added those two things together with an amazing head turning blue. This dress will for sure stop traffic! this above the knee dress is perfect for any occastion, weddings, birthday night out, blind date?.. Accessorize this with a chunky heel, or strappy pumps and a bold mustard yellow clutch and you will feel on top of the world. This blue beauty also comes in a black which is also on top of my christmas list. ♥

Whats In Store - Whisper Ivory Pendant Necklace - I love necklaces, and I knew the second I saw this that I wanted it. I love the antique look of this with the dusty ivory looking stones. This necklace would be amazing with the Eclipse dress (shown above) this necklace swoops below the bust line to give it a more of a daring look to it. The off set counted stones give it a more chic' look which I adore. This would be an amazing addition to my collection. ♥

Bamboo Black Braided Tribal Print Wedge Shoes - Okay, I have to admit, I'm not a huge shoe freak like most women that I know, I go straight for the cute tops, purses, and jewelry every time, and leave shoe shopping last. But I have to say.. I adore these shoes! I'm never big on bold tribal prints, or even different colored shoes, I'm more of a plain color peep toe kind of girl, but these caught my eye and there was an instant love connection between us. I love, love the pink bold print, and the braided high ankle cuff, and even better (peep toe) this is a fun and flrity shoe that I can't resist. You know that Eclipse dress that I keep going on about .. the one above .. this shoe are sole-mates.. get it? (snickers) what better way to enter my 10 year high school reunion then in this amazing outfit. Now to search through the purse selection on Sage Clothing to top it off.

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