Monday, February 6, 2012

♥ 20 Second Fitness *Week 1*

So this is Day (1) of Week (1) and I weighed myself and not proud of how much weight I have gained! I weight 195 lbs. at 5'5 so yeah, I have a little more junk in the trunk then I should at my height, but I'm also pretty muscular, so you also have to add that to the equation. so I have officially started 20 Second Fitness routine today (Monday).  Phew. Was it a workout! I have not been such as couch potato as I usually am, but still was sweating and out of breath after my workout. And let me tell you I am feeling it! probably worse tomorrow then I am now..Yikes!.. But I didn't get bored after the first couple of I usually do. I started out on medium since I'm still pretty energetic, but didn't want to push to hard and wear myself out in the first couple of minutes. I can say that it is fun, and anyone can do it since there are 3 stages (easy, medium, and experienced) I will be updating my workout status, how I'm feeling and if my workout body is comming together (Able to upgrade my fitness level to medium -Experienced) through the weeks. I want to be able to get my body in shape to where I can start running without getting out of breath and insted of walking. Who know's maybe 20 Second Fitness  will get me in shape to start doing marathons?..Stay tuned!

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