Sunday, April 10, 2011

♥ Old Navy/CrowdTap

I went and got my free old navy/CrowdTap's spring dress and I just have two words..LOVE.. and IT.. I went for the black strapless spring dress. It is cute and versatile for going out to eat, shopping or even.. a fishing dress.. It will not be too hot because the fabric is not thick and it's strapless so that means..NO TAN LINES. ♥

Top ♥ the top is knit and it keeps it's shape great, and because it's not over done with beads, jewels, or bows you can mix and match jewelry or wear no jewelry for a simple but cute dress.

The bottom is lightweight and flows rather well I'm 5'5 and it goes a little past my knee's which will be great for wearing flip flops, wedges or even heels. ♥

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