Wednesday, March 23, 2011

♥ Where's the Blogger Love?..

I have been blogging for about..9 months now..And I started my blogger out by having a personal rant blog..About every day life and such..Then I took it a different direction and was going to have it be rants and freebies..But at the end it is now a review ..and giveaway blog as you can see..I love all my fans.. and hope to get new ones and build up to 100+ some day. Its slow moving but I'm getting there. This review blog is my hobby. I contact companys asking for products to review. I use the products that they are so kindly able to send me and I give my honest opinion about them. When I'm not doing reviews I search the web googling for "Other" review blogs because I love reading them. And I have put their button on my blog to help them get new readers and such as I have had other fellow bloggers do the same for me. But what really makes me sad is the fact that I would put their button on MY blog and they would put mine on theirs and a little bit later I go back later and my button is gone! There are thousands of blogs on the www. but theres not alot of loving blogs like me that would go out of my way for someone else. And all I want is a little love in return...Is that so hard? ♥


Misty said...

mines still on your page and yours is on my page :) miss ya!

Laced Kittens said...

..Lol.. I know.. I know but there are (NO NAMES) people who I noticed has removed me. Oh well who needs them. :)

Vinisha said...
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