Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Faconnable For : Him ♥

Falconnable: although it claims to be a French company is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lebanese private equity firm M1 Group. The original company started as a custom tailor shop that Jean Goldberg opened in 1950 on  Rue Paradis in Nice, France. By 1958 the small tailor shop was making custom tuxedos for Hollywood stars that were in the Cote d'Azur for the annual Cannes Film Festival . In 1961 Jean Goldberg's son, Albert, took over the shop and renamed it Façonnable, a variation of the word "Façonner," which means "to create." Under his watch the company expanded and in 1973 opens its first boutiques in Monte Carlo , Cannes , Saint-Tropez , Lyon , and Marseilles , however it was not until 1984 that Façonnable opened an outlet in Paris.

This is my Husbands "EAU DE TOILETTE" It's brand name is called Faconnable - Made In France -  .. He snagged this bad boy up at our local store (Regular price)  $65.00 He snagged this up for a Whopping $24.99 ! ! The canister and the name  kinda made me weary thinking it would smell like old mans toilet, But after my husband spraying it on him made me think different. It's musky but not over powering, it's manly but still soft and sensitive like the more modern cologne they make nowadays. It Smells wonderful. I had never been into a Marshalls untill last week, And i gotta say WOW.. I LOVE that store now! Name brand clothing at a HUGE discounted price, not only at discount but they have the most cute women clothes, EVER.. If you never been there you HAVE to check them out.

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