Monday, October 4, 2010

Hellish Monday's

It's Monday! (SCREAMS) .. Growing up I always smurked at people when they complained
About "MONDAY".. I always thought it was just another day what's the big deal?..
Well now at "27" Years Old "Sigh".. It's MONDAY ! !  Come on Friday! <Inhales Deep Breath>
I have recently come to the conclusion of why people hate mondays, You get all rested up friday night, sat, and sun, and then you have to force yourself to crawl out of bed monday morning, Or maybe
That's just an excuse for me getting old, Yeah..Blame it on the weekend!


Kristy Walker said...

I will be 27 in November and i have been complaining about Mondays since I was a kid LOL!

Laced Kittens said...

..LOL.. I just recently started to. But i have kept up with my own schedual most of my life. But now being married and having to wake up at 6:00Am Mon-Fri is wearing me down i guess. Happy Early Birthday! Hopefully by your birthday (November) I will have enough followers and (or) donations i can start doing montly Birthday gift giveaways. :)